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    • Yoga & Science

      The Science of Breathing

      Finally, science is proving what yogis have known for centuries.

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    • Against the Grain

      We settle the whole gluten thing once and for all and supply some great gluten-free recipes.

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    • Food

      Easy Vegetarian Meals

      Five tasty mid-week vego pastas you can make in under 30 minutes.

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    • Fitness

      Yoga for Athletes

      A short sequence for cyclists or fans of spin classes

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    • Styles

      Aerial Yoga

      Anti-gravity asana and acrobatics combine to form Aerial yoga, a once faddish style that’s become mainstream.

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    • Yoga Food

      Mindful Eating

      Healthy eating is formed by intention and practice. Follow our research-backed plan to change your relationship with food, forever.

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    • Teacher Training

      Yoga OnLine

      We profile 6 yogis who live in remote communities, completed their teacher training online and who are now teaching.

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    • Yoga People

      Child’s Pose

      From Eighties Pop Diva to Yogi in Nepal, Toni Childs has led an amazing life. We tell her remarkable story in this issue.

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    • Travel

      Beginner’s Guide to India

      A veteran Getaway travel reporter gives us the low down on India.

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    About Yoga

    The Beauty of Giving it your All

      By Rachel Zinman   Do you remember why you started yoga? And how, full to bursting with enthusiasm, you couldn’t help but wan’t to share? Teaching yoga is like that. It’s one thing to be immersed in practice. To hit that mat …

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    standing bend

    Forward bends

    More Than a Toe Touch: Standing Forward Bend

    After years of nudging my parents to try yoga, they surprised me one day by telling me that they had been practicing some of the poses I had shown them. “We can even touch our toes!” they bragged. They stood …

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    About Yoga

    New Issue on Sale Thursday

    Packed with Goodness The October 2015 issue of Australian Yoga Journal goes on sale on Thursday the 15th. We are very proud of this issue. Acclaimed teacher Tahl Rinsky graces our cover. We take a trip to the collective enterprise, …

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    Sweat and Tears

    The scandals that beset gurus John Friend and Bikram Choudhury continue to ripple through the yoga community, socially, financially and ethically. Yoga Journal takes a look at how deep the damage goes and how wrongdoing changes – or doesn’t – …

    Teacher Training Nicole Walsh InYoga

    Teacher Training Directory

    Teacher Training offer

    nYoga presents Yoga Teacher Training with Nicole Walsh, delivering programs for aspiring and experienced yoga teachers, as well as for dedicated students. Deepen your practice, unlock and engage your potential on and off the yoga mat. Our unique programs offer …

    295x250 all together now

    Health & Wellbeing

    All Together Now

    Why loving and being loved can help you live longer.

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    Summon the spirit to make positive change by calling on Durga, warrior goddess of strength and protection.

    295x250 balance and flow

    About Yoga

    Balance & Flow

    From yang to Yin and all the goodness in between.

    295x250 feel the power

    Asana Stories

    Feel the Power

    Release your inner warrior with this challenging asana.

    295x250 karma calling


    Karma Calling

    A Himalayan yoga adventure awakens a passion for giving.