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Faith In Our Future

When hope and optimism wane, yoga can be a saving grace.

All Together Now

Why loving and being loved can help you live longer.
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One-Legged King Pigeon Pose II

  (A-kah pah-dah rah-jah-kah-poh-tahs-anna) eka = one pada = foot raja = king kapota = pigeon (or dove) One-Legged King Pigeon Pose II: Step-by-Step Instructions Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose). Bend your right knee and place the foot...

Standing Split

Standing Split: Step-by-Step Instructions Perform Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II Pose), right leg forward. Inhale and cartwheel your left arm up and over your head, creating a nice opening in the left ribs.

Big Toe Pose

  Big Toe Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Stand upright with your inner feet parallel and about six inches apart. Contract your front thigh muscles to lift your kneecaps. Keeping your legs completely straight, exhale...

Revolved Triangle Pose

  (par-ee-vrit-tah trik-cone-AHS-anna) parivrtta = to turn around, revolve trikona = three angle or triangle Revolved Triangle Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Stand in Tadasana. With an exhalation, step or lightly jump your feet 3½ to 4...

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Heavenly healing

In Sanskrit, Amata refers to the quality of immortality — an endlessness that withstands the...

Gold Coast: A Yogi’s Paradise

Until recently, I had never found myself drawn to the glitz and glamour of the...

The Yogi’s Guide to Vancouver

Canada’s yoga capital has plenty for lovers of Down Dog and the great outdoors alike.
chasing enlightenment

Temporary Enlightenment: A Tale of Loss

I can’t tell him. I haven’t told anyone. Not even my wife. But of all the...

Waves of Wisdom

When I recently informed a friend that I was learning to surf at the age...

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yoga teacher adjustments

Physical Adjustments to Yoga Students: To assist or not to assist? 

Ever enjoyed soothing adjustments in savasana (corpse pose), or profound ‘aha!’ moments as helpful hands guided your body toward greater understanding or ‘sweet...
teach yoga abroad

Teaching Abroad: Could you do it?

If you dream of combining a passion for travel and yoga by teaching abroad, what’s preventing you from taking the plunge? Fear may conjure...

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Shemana dream kit

This gorgeous kit is the perfect gift – lovingly packaged and ready for the sweetest...


Give the Gift of Yoga with a 12-month subscription to Australian Yoga Journal for just...
Yoga Microphone

Cable-free head microphone for teaching yoga 

Seen at the Fitness Audio Shop is the ideal mic system for Yoga Instructors....
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Splendour Top

We adore the natural fibres we used to create the Splendour Top.  We cut this...
divine goddess

Moonbeam Top

We have used natural fibres and taken the practice into the street with our beautiful...