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    • Self-care

      Glow From Within

      Feel and look radiant by harnessing the power of Ayurvedic self-care

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    • Poses

      Pose of the Month

      Get stronger in arm balances

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    • Love

      The Power of Friendship

      To have a good friend, you have to be one

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    • Happiness

      Find Your Bliss

      Six steps to bring happiness within reach

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    • Travel

      The Birthplace of Mindfulness

      With a long tradition of meditation, Burma is the perfect place to explore the origins of mindfulness

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    • Health and Wellbeing

      Healing Minds

      Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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    • Practice

      A Fresh Start

      Find willpower and kick bad habits with Kundalini Yoga.

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    Feeling Love on Valentine’s Day

    BY Celia Roberts There have been some distinct times in my life when I have felt very happy –  gentle of heart.  In discussion with some lifelong friends the other day I traced those times back to some major events; …

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    Yoga lessons for beginners

    The first time on a yoga mat can be full of surprises. We take a look at some lessons new yogis are likely to learn.

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    Teacher Training Nicole Walsh InYoga

    Teacher Training Directory

    Teacher Training offer

    nYoga presents Yoga Teacher Training with Nicole Walsh, delivering programs for aspiring and experienced yoga teachers, as well as for dedicated students. Deepen your practice, unlock and engage your potential on and off the yoga mat. Our unique programs offer …

    295x250 all together now

    Health & Wellbeing

    All Together Now

    Why loving and being loved can help you live longer.

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    Summon the spirit to make positive change by calling on Durga, warrior goddess of strength and protection.

    295x250 balance and flow

    About Yoga

    Balance & Flow

    From yang to Yin and all the goodness in between.

    295x250 feel the power

    Asana Stories

    Feel the Power

    Release your inner warrior with this challenging asana.

    295x250 karma calling


    Karma Calling

    A Himalayan yoga adventure awakens a passion for giving.

    295x250 mood food

    Health & Wellbeing

    Mood Food

    Boost your mind and body with what you put in your mouth.

    295x250 poise in action

    Home Practice

    Poise in Action

    Build strength and confidence as you learn to balance in challenging poses.