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We come across so many ethical, natural yoga mats and other products whilst putting together the pages of our print magazine. Some of these goodies have already made it into the pages of AYJ -  we wanted to share them here plus some extra, essential products we've stumbled upon...
With so many yoga escapes, finding your ideal retreat can be a challenge. Here, some favourites recommended by esteemed yogis from Australia and beyond... Byron Yoga Retreat Centre - Byron Bay, Australia Byron Yoga’s tranquil eco retreat is close enough that you can walk to the beach or to Byron’s cafés and...

Yoga Mixer: Connecting Like-Minded Yogis

What is Yoga  Mixer? Yoga Mixer is an app the connects like-minded yogis. A social community app, YogiMixer is the newest way for yoga lovers to...

Health and Wellbeing

Brain Health

Wise Up: How to Keep Your Brain in Shape

There’s good reason to nourish one of your most vital assets, the brain.

Retreat Yourself: The World’s Best Yoga Escapes

With so many yoga escapes, finding your ideal retreat can be a challenge. Here, some favourites recommended by esteemed yogis from Australia and beyond... Byron...
oil pulling

Oil pulling: Brighten your smile

If you haven’t heard of oil pulling, you’re in for a treat. This tried and true folk remedy from Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which has...
yoga migraine

Yoga for migraines, vertigo and tinnitus

Have you ever felt ‘Not-Quite-Right’ (NQR)? Suffered from consuming migraines? Or had that ‘out-of-body-disconnected’ sensation for no known reason? Imagine living in a constant brain fog,...

Joint Forces

A combination of asana, pranayama and diet is easing joint pain of the young and old suffering from arthritis.
Stefan Camilleri Yoga

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Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose

  (soup-TAH pod-ang-goosh-TAHS-anna) supta = lying down, reclining pada = foot angusta = big toe Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Lie supine on the floor, legs strongly extended. If your head doesn’t rest comfortably on the floor,...
King Pigeon Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions

Pigeon Pose

King Pigeon Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Kneel upright, with your knees slightly narrower than hip width apart and your hips, shoulders, and head stacked directly above your knees. With your hands, press down...

Extended Puppy Pose

Extended Puppy Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Come onto all fours. See that your shoulders are above your wrists and your hips are above your knees. Walk your hands forward a few inches and...

Cobra Pose

(boo-jang-GAHS-anna) Cobra Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Lie prone on the floor. Stretch your legs back, tops of the feet on the floor. Spread your hands on the floor under your shoulders. Hug the elbows...

Latest Issue Number 65


Yoga Travel

Eat, Play, Namaste

Arriving in Ubud felt like coming home. This little yoga paradise is colourfully vibrant, with...
Yoga Retreat Thailand

Retreat to Paradise with Mudita Yoga and Find Your Bliss

Picture this: you are in the tropical paradise you have always dreamed about visiting, nestled...

Billabong Healing

Let the yoga and bushland surrounds of Billabong Retreat bring you back to your joyful self.

Revelling in Rishikesh

Arriving in Rishikesh feels like a coming home. The flowing Ganaga, the air hazed with...
retreat Bali

Bali – Luxury Retreat

  Sponsored Post: Set in a remote jungle backdrop Bagus Jati, Yogaworx is holding its third...

Yoga Food

Teacher Training

High on Zenthai: A journey through the nourishing fusion of Zen,...

THE MAGIC “Being around Gwyn makes you feel like a better person,” uttered one of Gwyn’s students before our first session. The Peter Pan of...

Corporate no more: Ditching the nine to five for a career...

Is it clichéd to say an impressive job title and income can’t necessarily buy happiness? Possibly – but truth remains in its sentiment. What...

Yoga Products

yoga mats

Yoga mats are just the beginning: 10 products we love for on and off the mat

We come across so many ethical, natural yoga mats and other products whilst putting together...

Shemana dream kit

This gorgeous kit is the perfect gift – lovingly packaged and ready for the sweetest...


Give the Gift of Yoga with a 12-month subscription to Australian Yoga Journal for just...
Yoga Microphone

Cable-free head microphone for teaching yoga 

Seen at the Fitness Audio Shop is the ideal mic system for Yoga Instructors....
divine goddess

Splendour Top

We adore the natural fibres we used to create the Splendour Top.  We cut this...


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