Stoned Yoga iamge

Stoned Yoga: gimmick or profound experience?

It’s 4:15 on a Sunday afternoon and I’m way too stoned for yoga. A few minutes ago, my old pal HD pulled his Prius into the parking lot of my neighbourhood studio and fired...
Dreams Mean Image

To Sleep per Chance to Dream: What do Your Dreams mean?

Over the past half century, sleep has been abducted from its natural home in our hearts and minds and become exceedingly medicalised, says Dr Rubin Naiman, sleep and dream specialist at the University of...
yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy: What You Need to Know

Just imagine, it’s Saturday morning and you’re all set to teach your usual open class, when a man walks in holding his head down. He looks uncomfortable and is visibly shaking. You quietly sit...
Wild Thing Yoga Pose

Wild Thing

Camatkara = wonder and astonishment · asana = poseIn this pose, you are going to press down with three things at once—your right hand, left foot, and right foot— which will lift your hips....


Waves of Wisdom

When I recently informed a friend that I was learning to surf at the age of 33, he asked if I was suffering a...

Billabong Healing

Let the yoga and bushland surrounds of Billabong Retreat bring you back to your joyful self.

Fiji Time

When life gets a little too hectic, a dose of Fiji time can be just the trick.

Eat, Yoga, Surf, Repeat

For the last 15 years I’ve made TV programs, ones you’d watch: Getaway, Farmer Wants a Wife, Celebrity Apprentice. I love it, but it...

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yoga microphone

Cable-free head microphone for teaching yoga 

Seen at the Fitness Audio Shop is the ideal mic system for Yoga Instructors. The mini transmitter is mounted on the mic frame...

Yoga213 happy tank

Join the happiness revolution wearing one of these super cute happy singlets. $69.95

Stay at Home Gypsy jewellery

Beautifully created one-of-a-kind silver, crystal jewellery. Starting at $29.

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Tumeric recipes

Turmeric Latte: Healthy and Delicious

Utilising functional spices in your recipes to support a healthy lifestyle is a wonderful way to start the journey of healing from the inside out,...
Blissful Bondi image

Blissful Bondi: A Yogi’s Paradise

By Jessica HumphriesFour years ago I left the hustle and bustle of Sydney life to pursue a more humble existence in the northern rivers...
Mindful Diet

The Mindful Diet:

AS ANYONE WHO’S ever tried a new diet knows, it’s easy to commit to a healthy-eating plan—and even easier to lose steam or willpower...


A New Class

Yoga takes on broader dimensions in these 7 new styles.

Human Kindness

Yoga teacher Les Leventhal looks at the importance of truly connecting with others, and teaches...

Reclining Bound Angle Pose

 (SOUP-tah BAH-dah cone-NAHS-anna) supta = lying down, reclining baddha = bound kona = angle Reclining Bound Angle Pose: Step-by-Step...

Lotus Pose

(pod-MAHS-anna) padma = lotus Lotus Pose: Step-by-Step InstructionsSit on the floor with your legs...

Making the Change

You’ve decided to give up meat. The next step is to transition to a vegetarian diet without compromising your health.

Health and Wellbeing

Home Stretch

Creating your own home practice can be daunting, but the results will nourish and sustain you throughout the year.

Hey, Soul Sisters!

Yoga213 happy tank

Positively Prana


Teaching Abroad: Could you do it?

If you dream of combining a passion for travel and yoga by teaching abroad, what’s preventing you from taking the plunge? Fear may conjure...

Physical Adjustments: To assist or not to assist? 

Ever enjoyed soothing adjustments in savasana (corpse pose), or profound ‘aha!’ moments as helpful hands guided your body toward greater understanding or ‘sweet...

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