More Than a Toe Touch: Standing Forward Bend

After years of nudging my parents to try yoga, they surprised me one day by telling me that they had been practicing some of...

Lunar magic

Two opposing energies join forces in this powerful pose.

Feel the Power

Release your inner warrior with this challenging asana.

Full Bloom

Lotus Pose has the power to settle your nerves, awaken your energy and quiet your mind.

Oh Behave

The etiquette, or rules of polite conduct, for attending yoga class.

Wide Open

Be open to relaxation and renewal in Supta Baddha Konasana.

A Touch of Kindness

Deepen your practice and become better partners.

Space Odyssey

Take a journey towards greater flexibility and spaciousness.

Fishy Business

The benefits of Half Lord of the Fishes Pose are not to be missed.

Look Within

Empower your practice by learning to find the answers within.