Full Bloom

Lotus Pose has the power to settle your nerves, awaken your energy and quiet your mind.

Paradise Found

Find the balance of strength and flexibility that’s right for you, and you’ll blossom into Bird of Paradise.

Twists and Triangles

This plan for optimal knee health includes balancing the actions of Trikonasana with its revolved version.

Oh Behave

The etiquette, or rules of polite conduct, for attending yoga class.

Wide Open

Be open to relaxation and renewal in Supta Baddha Konasana.

Fresh Start

Soothe and refresh your body, mind and spirit with this rejuvenating sequence.

Thought-Full Meditation

Work with your thoughts to go deeper into your meditative experience.

Play Leads The Way

Lift your heart and brighten your day with this backbending sequence.

Shine Bright

Fire up your core strength as you fly into Tittibhasana (Firefly Pose).

Boost your Willpower

Discover inner resources that can help you make healthier choices, meet your goals and change your life for good!