Positively Prana

Why does yoga make you feel so good?

Stepping Up

There are no shortcuts to true knowing, so relax and take it one step at a time.

Light on Practice

Geeta Iyengar shares memories of a life infused by yoga—learning at three, teaching at 13 and always deepening her relationship with the tradition.

Soul Asylum

Establish a place of refuge and weather even the toughest of times with grace.

Making Space

Clear the pathway to achieving your goals with the practice of detachment.

Me and My Shadow

Shine a light on the dark side of yourself to discover your negative tendencies, and change them.

Creative Spark

Find your freedom, and happiness, living without limitations.

Inquire Within

Self-reflection is the first step in breaking patterns and tendencies that no longer serve you.

Creative Spirit

For four yogis, delving into their creative sides brings the uniting sense of being “in the flow”.

Divine Blessing

When you treat every act as sacred, you feel the effects in every part of your life.