eat smart

Waste Less: Eat Smart

There ought to be a specific word to describe the feeling of creating waste by throwing out perfectly good food that still has prana,...



Discover the benefits of Fascia Fitness

Discover the benefits of Fascia Fitness Even just a few minutes of fascial- release work can have a profound effect on your yoga practice and...



Love in the yoga studio: Is a student-teacher romantic relationship ok?

“Hungry ghosts represent the parts of us that can never be satisfied,” I heard the meditation instructor say from my back-row seat in the...


Discover the  Benefits of Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

The benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy are many.  Yoga in pregnancy promotes general body flexibility and strength and improves circulation. Along with these...

How to go with the flow

On a hot day last summer, I was teaching in an old brewery turned yoga studio in Berlin, Germany. It was sweltering outside, and...
natural remedy

Natural Remedy: DIY home remedies every yogi needs to know

No one wants to run to the doctor for every ache, cramp, or cough. Indeed, 75 percent of respondents in a Yoga Journal online...

Food Connection: Creating peace before you eat for happy, healthy digestion

Let us say grace. This age-old tradition is often associated with religion, but in its essence, it’s a valuable practice — one that allows...
The idea of hosting your first retreat can be both daunting and exhilarating. There are so many variables to consider. As yoga teachers and lovers of all things wellness, our expertise can often be far from that of the...

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Puppy dog yoga pose

Anahatasana: Yoga pose for opening your heart

Open your heart Anahatasana, or Melting Heart pose (sometimes referred to as Extended Puppy pose), deeply opens the shoulders, pectoral muscles of the chest, thoracic...

Chair Pose

(OOT-kah-TAHS-anna) utkata = powerful, fierce Chair Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Stand in Tadasana. Inhale and raise your arms perpendicular to the floor. Either keep the...



Your hips in yoga: Will they ever be open?

WHILE STUDYING IN INDIA with B.K.S. Iyengar years ago, I heard that he was travelling to Bangalore to teach, and I asked if I...

Neck pain and tightness: How yoga can help

TAKE A MOMENT TO SIT in Dandasana (Staff Pose): Come to a seated position on the floor with your legs extended in front of...


down dog

Dynamic Down Dog: A teacher’s guide to instructing Adho Mukha Svanasana

Down Dog is an extremely dynamic posture when we look at it closely. The key to instructing the posture is figuring out which instructions...

Sequencing: Deepening Focus for an Effortless Flow

Just like a good book, a good yoga practice has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And, just like a good book, there’s...
upward bow

Yoga Master Class: Intelligence in Action

Bring exquisite attention to each part of the body to cultivate balance, stability and freedom.


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