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Sponsored Post The IYTA's 460-hour Diploma is comprehensive, inclusive and personal This International Diploma Yoga Teacher Training course is an integration of yoga’s classical teachings based on the various yoga paths and traditions of yoga. The International Yoga Teachers Association does not have a guru, or owner. It embraces many traditions acknowledging that ‘many paths...

Becoming a Yoga Teacher in Australia explained

Sponsored Post It has never been a better time for changing your career and becoming a Yoga Teacher with many online courses available for people to access from the comfort of their own home. Below is a quick guide to help you on your path of becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher within Australia. To become...



Craving Carbs? Indulge in this Yummy Vegetarian pasta

Strawberry–Tomato–Mozzarella pasta salad serves 6 A delicious blend of tangy tomatoes, sweet berries, and a savory sauce hit all the right flavour notes.  300g    quinoa pasta2/3   cup 2-percent plain Greek yogurt3       tbsp apple cider vinegar2       tbsp poppy seeds1       tbsp olive oil½      tsp garlic salt½     ...

Making the Change to a Vegetarian Diet

Whether it’s for the sake of animal welfare, reducing your carbon footprint or health reasons, becoming vegetarian is an admirable decision. However, if you’re just starting out, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Like it or not, eating animal products is one of the easiest ways to...