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Every day in our lives we are affected by external changes of the weather, seasons, relationships, foods and routines. No day is exactly like the next, just like no one else’s mind and body is exactly like yours, and no one's unique combination of doshas is exactly like yours....
Inflammation is often the root of many health problems. In fact, if we are suffering from chronic pain (or fatigue, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, migraines, thyroid issues) there is a high probability we need to address inflammation. Yin yoga is a powerful healing tool that you can use to...
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The Power Of Now


Are you hyper or hypo-mobile?

  Are you hyper or hypo-mobile? We're not all designed to do lotus and the idea that one size fits all in Yoga is harmful....
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Yoga Alliance International Australia: How does it benefit you?

If you have been thinking about an joining an Alliance, its important to be armed with all of the information.  Yoga Alliance International Australia...

Health and Wellbeing

Lighten up

Combining the Alexander technique with your yoga practice can set the body free.

Turning off, tuning in

Limiting your exposure to the media can be of great benefit to your wellbeing, and a yoga practice in itself.
oil pulling

Oil pulling: Brighten your smile

If you haven’t heard of oil pulling, you’re in for a treat. This tried and...

Straight to the Heart

Knowing what to eat, how to exercise and why yoga is effective can help you avoid heart disease—and enjoy life!
corpse pose

Heavenly Rest

Savasana, or Corpse Pose, is one posture you can’t live without.

Don’t be a Slouch

Stave off back and neck pain with better posture.

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Peacock pose, Mayurasana

Peacock Pose

  (my-yer-ahs-anna) mayura = peacock Peacock Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Kneel on the floor, knees wide, and sit on your heels. Lean forward and press your palms on the floor with your fingers turned back...

Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose

  parivrtta = revolved janu = knee sirsa = head Revolved Side Angle Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Sit on the floor with your torso upright and your legs wide. Bend your left knee and snug the heel...

High Lunge

High Lunge: Step-by-Step Instruction From Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend), bend your knees and, with an inhale, step your left foot back toward the back edge of your mat, with the ball of...

Handstand: Step-by-Step Instructions

  Like its inverted cousins such as Forearm Balance and Headstand, a major obstacle to Handstand is a natural fear of falling. So the basic pose will be described with the heels supported against a...

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Yoga Travel


Darwin Delights: Exploring the yogic offerings in this tropical treasure

When I tell people that I’m a yoga teacher from Darwin, I usually get variations...
Blissful Bondi image

Blissful Bondi: A Yogi’s Paradise

By Jessica Humphries Four years ago I left the hustle and bustle of Sydney life to...

My Yoga Holiday

When time or budgets don’t allow you to go on an organised yoga holiday, create your own.

Heavenly healing

In Sanskrit, Amata refers to the quality of immortality — an endlessness that withstands the...

Natural Wonders

Lord Howe Island is a stunning setting for a weekend of wellness, from early morning yoga to ancient Ayurveda.

Yoga Food

Teacher Training

power of nowvideo

The Power Of Now

Always wanted to learn more about Yoga? Want to become a certified yoga teacher? Join the 200 hrs training at @powerofnowoasis yoga studio in...

Yoga Inspiration: Influencing the next generation of yoga teachers

We asked some of our favourite, Australian yoga teachers who their biggest yoga inspiration is, and here’s what they had to say. By far, Elena...

Yoga Products

yoga mats

Yoga mats are just the beginning: 10 products we love for on and off the mat

We come across so many ethical, natural yoga mats and other products whilst putting together...

Shemana dream kit

This gorgeous kit is the perfect gift – lovingly packaged and ready for the sweetest...


Give the Gift of Yoga with a 12-month subscription to Australian Yoga Journal for just...
Yoga Microphone

Cable-free head microphone for teaching yoga 

Seen at the Fitness Audio Shop is the ideal mic system for Yoga Instructors....
divine goddess

Splendour Top

We adore the natural fibres we used to create the Splendour Top.  We cut this...


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