mistere retreat

Mistere spa and retreat

Mistere spa and retreat Urliup is a luxury escape made for yoga and meditation. By Renae Leith-Manos This unique Australian luxury getaway by Regal...


upward bow

Upward Bow (Wheel) Pose

  (OORD-vah don-your-AHS-anna) urdhva = upward dhanu = bow Upward Bow (Wheel) Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Lie supine on the floor. Bend your knees and set your...


daily practice

Daily Practice: Why you should roll out your mat every damn...

It may well be one of the most popular yoga hashtags in social media- #yogaeverydamnday. Eastern and Western medical experts and health practitioners alike...


Solve Teen angst with yoga

Beat Teen Angst with Yoga

  According to Beyond Blue, one in six young Australians is currently experiencing an anxiety condition and one in 16 is currently experiencing depression. Does...
How Yoga Saved My Life

Healing From the Heart

1999. CORONADO, CALIFORNIA My back is broken. Fifth vertebra snapped when I fell off a ledge while battening down windows during a tropical storm....
zama posevideo

Zama Institute

Zama Institute delivers world-class yoga, meditation, barre and Pilates teacher training programs in Brisbane, Toowoomba and online. Study with us and teach worldwide!  Zama Institute offers Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Meditation teacher training courses in Brisbane, Toowoomba and online. We also offer a range...


Locust Pose

  Grouped among the so-called “baby backbends,” which includes Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) and Sea Monster Pose (described in the Variations section below), it is an...

One-Legged King Pigeon Pose

  The full pose, which is suitable for intermediate students, will be described in the Full Pose section below. First we’ll practice the leg position...

Easy Pose

  Easy Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Fold a thick blanket or two into a firm support about six inches high. Sit close to one...

Eight-Angle Pose

  (ahsh-tah-vah-krahs-anna) asta = eight vakra = bent, curved Eight-Angle Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Stand in Tadasana (Mountain Pose), with your feet separated a bit wider than...
mountain pose

Mountain Pose

  (tah-DAHS-anna) tada = mountain Mountain Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Stand with the bases of your big toes touching, heels slightly apart (so that your second...
tree yoga pose

Tree Yoga Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions

  Tree Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions Stand in Tadasana. Shift your weight slightly onto the left foot, keeping the inner foot firm to the...
Warrior 1

Warrior I Pose

Virabhadra’s Pose is also known as the Warrior Pose (there are three variation of Warrior, of which this is customarily numbered I). It may...

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Muscle tissue: Power up your asana

THERE’S A REASON your yoga teachers say things like, “Eccentrically contract your triceps to slowly lower into Chaturanga,” instead of just, “Contract your triceps.”...

The anatomy of breath: Understanding the importance of breathing in yoga

TAKE A MOMENT TO THINK about your breath: Is it deep or shallow? Slow or fast? It’s interesting that it can take a few moments...

Knee pain: Understand and avoid it with these anatomical tips and yoga practice

IN MOST YOGA CLASSES, you’ll often (hopefully!) hear cues meant to help protect your knees. For example, angle the knee no more than 90...


Shine Bright

Fire up your core strength as you fly into Tittibhasana (Firefly Pose).

Positive Spin

When you focus on simple actions, this challenging twist becomes sweetly calming.

Fly High

Let yourself be an expression of joy and beauty as you open your heart in Vasisthasana.


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