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Issue 86 June/July 2021

Mental Health Special

We’re still battling the pandemic, but the end is in sight. But our next big crisis is a mental health one, say the experts. This issue has a special section on the latest science, expert advice and mind-healing practices to help you and your students grow and thrive.


  • The art of the Silent Bow: the physical embodiment of gratitude
  • To hit goals, ground them in service
  • Creamy Cauliflower Bisque
  • 3 Ways to Fight Insomnia
  • Balance Your Moods: Understand Doshas
  • Anatomy
  • Plank Pose for all abilities
  • Slow-flow Yoga
  • Anxiety Busting Sequence.
  • Make Yoga Accessible for all
  • Plus More


half moon pose

Half Moon Pose

  The moon has a rich symbolic significance in yoga mythology. In hatha yoga, for example, the sun and the moon represent the two polar

Finding a SEQUENCE For Self-Care

When Pamela Stokes Eggleston became her war-wounded husband’s primary caregiver, she gave her practice away. That wasn’t good for either of them. PHOTOs: Christopher Dougherty