We are MOVEMENT beings. Our design is so perfect and relies on efficient organization and regular interaction with our highly co-ordinated and intelligent nervous system.  But somewhere along the way we seemed to have forgotten how to move in this elegant manner.  Watching the developmental stages of babies will remind us of the knowledge that is innately within, but life happens and we start to adapt our ways to fit in with it.  Stress is just one of the major contributors to overactive tension and disarray in the body.

While we do our best to spend hours in practices of Yoga, Pilates, Dancing, Running or any other sport or activity …  if we aren’t clear on HOW we are meant to be moving, we can often do more damage than good.  Where we make the biggest change is in the things that we do most often most of the time, like in every day living.  When we can improve what we’re doing at this base level, our sporting endeavours will be so much more powerful and pleasurable.

“The fastest way to change your body, is to change your mind” and in Franklin Method® workshops we use the tools of Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery™, which simply put is changing the language and thoughts that we have about our bodies, to teach people how to move as per the blueprint we arrived with. In these workshops we uncover a NEW way to move, one that is researched, recognized and trusted in all fields of movement.  If you’re looking to improve your life in any way, then we invite you to come along to our workshops to experience a new way of learning, embodying and functioning.

You can find out more at https://www.meridiansandmovement.com/