Since Sol Cleanse’s inception in 2012, it has been the company’s mission to use the cleansing benefits of cold-pressed juices to enhance our wellbeing. Sol Cleanse began as a home-delivered juice cleanse service to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay, but has expanded to service cafés due to the popularity of their juices. The driving force of the business’s journey has been to produce nutrient-dense elixirs as well as programs to bring people to optimum health, to produce nutritious, organic products that enable people to tune into their bodies and nature, to support the Australian organic industry and honour and sustain the environment through their business practices. Miriam ter Borg created the business and brings a long history of all things organic and holistic wellbeing … she was inspired from a young age by her alternative childhood which was full of organic produce and yoga — way before it was trendy! Phil Taylor joined the family in 2014. Phil comes from a business background and brings sustainable practices to the juice temple. We caught up with Miriam to delve into her passion and into the juicy inspiration of this thriving little cleansing creation.

AYJ What inspired you to create Sol Cleanse?

MIRIAM Sol Cleanse was started in 2012, before cold-pressed juice had really hit Australia. Through my personal experience with cleansing, I knew the value of juice cleansing, but I was also aware of the enormous amount of time and mess it takes to produce a juice cleanse, not to mention the challenges of sourcing fresh organic produce. I had seen companies in America offering a home-delivered juice cleanse service, and saw how it could benefit the people of Australia, so Sol Cleanse was born.

AYJ Do you have a background in health or were you inspired by personal experience? MIRIAM My upbringing was alternative for its time. My parents were into organic and biodynamic gardening, Conscious give your body the opportunity to eliminate stored toxins that have been potentially reducing optimum functioning, or moving you towards disease. You will recognise the signs that you need to cleanse through a feeling of lethargy or sluggishness, headaches, a number of physical symptoms, and a general knowing that you could be feeling better. That aside, what I believe is that with our lifestyle practices, we are constantly in a spiral heading either upwards or downwards. When we feel good we eat well and look after ourselves, so we feel better and eat better and look after ourselves better. The opposite is also true — when we feel bad we eat bad and don’t look after ourselves, then we feel worse so we eat worse and have even more negative lifestyle and self-care practices. A cleanse comes in to switch the direction of a downward spiral (or to enhance an upward spiral), so you start feeling better and eating better, exercising more, having more positive thoughts and better lifestyle choices and carry on upwards. A cleanse is an opportunity to flick the switch and reset yourself to more positive choices, and the best thing is that after your cleanse this becomes easy – you are inclined to more wholesome foods and you feel light and energised so are naturally drawn to exercise just for the joy of it! We provide you with self-enquiry exercises so you come to love yourself more which helps you make loving choices for yourself in all areas.

AYJ What advice would you give to someone cleansing for the first time?

MIRIAM We provide a range of tips and advice in our welcome pack for all cleanses that identify a number of ways you can make your cleanse as easy as possible, as well as tips to optimise your cleanse. I would recommend choosing a level and length of cleanse that suits you – consider your lifestyle practices and experience with cleansing and the energy levels you will require while cleansing. Think about factors such as will you be exercising or working full-time? What is your calendar like; for example, is this length of time realistic for you, do you have any social events on, what is your workload like, do you have days that you can rest? This will start you on the right foot, with a cleanse that is challenging but achievable. Beyond that, it’s great if you can start to clean up your diet leading into your cleanse so you have initiated the cleansing process. This means it won’t be such a shock, and you will get the most out of your cleanse. A biggie in this regard is coffee, as typically regular coffee drinkers can suffer from headaches and withdrawal symptoms if they go cold turkey, which can add to the challenge of the cleanse.

AYJ Why should people cleanse?

MIRIAM The most obvious reason is to Welcome the new year with a new you …


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