Eat, Play, Namaste |

Eat, Play, Namaste

Arriving in Ubud felt like coming home. This little yoga paradise is colourfully vibrant, with so much to see and do – especially around health and wellness. Ubud is a must-visit for any travelling yogi. I could easily have spent a month exploring the many deliciously healthy cafes and amazing yoga studios.

It was my second time in Ubud, and two years after my first visit it felt pretty much the same – in a familiar and inviting way. In true holiday style I easily forgot what day it was and wasted hours wandering around finding fun places to eat, getting massages, bargain hunting, sunbaking and yoga-ing. It’s easy to accumulate a handful of favourite digs and spend your days at the same places, but with a goal in mind, I set out to discover as much as I could of the Ubud yoga world in the relatively small amount of time I had, especially given the abundance of wholesome, yogic goodness to discover.


Of course my first stop was Yoga Barn – Ubud’s biggest yoga studio that feels like a small village. Arriving at Yoga Barn I felt aware of my urge to fit in. Beautiful, svelte yogis laughed and socialised, or floated into one of the many yoga classes. It’s true, Yoga Barn is the place to be and the place to be seen for all the young, Lullulemon clad yogis. But there are so many pockets of magic within it, and as soon as I began exploring the classes I was soothed by the teachings of some of the most inspiring yogis I’ve had the pleasure of practicing with. There are lots of beginner friendly classes too, and you can just as easily leave your trendy threads at home and practice in shorts and t-shirt.

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