Yoga Barn is home to four yoga shalas (two that are hired out for private teacher trainings and retreats), a healthy café, juice bar, healing centre and shop, as well as chic bungalow accommodation with beautiful rooms and a relaxing pool area. All of this is surrounded by pockets of lush rainforest, fields, streams and natural beauty right in the heart of buzzing Ubud. The shalas have huge windows that show off the luscious nature, and there’s an authentically Balinese feel to the design. A beautifully shabby spiral staircase accesses the top shala, and as you wander up to your class you can admire the ponds of fish swimming beneath. The teachers at Yoga Barn are world-renowned and there’s an abundant class schedule of up to 17 sessions a day comprising of yoga, kirtan, ecstatic dance, sound healings, meditation and more.

During my first class, my teacher Bex spoke about Bali being a place of offerings, and how that energy infiltrates the community. This resonated strongly. That same morning at a cafe I watched as a woman performed her morning offering ritual, something that became part of the landscape of Bali. Offering bowls filled with flowers lined the footpaths, and the role that ritual plays in the culture is inspiringly beautiful.

When I visited Radiantly Alive it was pumping. This spacious studio with two beautiful light filled shalas and windows looking out onto rainforest green (despite being in the middle of the city) was packed with devoted students. American expat and owner Daniel shares his knowledge and passion through his signature style RA. A must visit for any serious yogi, and of course there are plenty of options for beginners on the expansive timetable of up to 7 daily classes.

A visit to Intuitive Flow was absolutely worth the walk up the many stairs to arrive, I reflected as I admired the expansive view of the Ubud treetops from the classroom windows. This down to earth, cosy space was full of students of all levels and was inviting and accessible. I took a class with a Balinese teacher whose cues and energy were encouraging and clear.

A short stroll from the hustle and bustle, Ubud Yoga House sat amongst the rice fields, so I could combine a morning of yoga and rice field wanders (a popular tourist activity in Ubud). The serene studio felt authentic and well established, with views overlooking the rice fields and several traditional styles on offer.