Ed letters ~ New beginnings |

Ed letters ~ New beginnings

After a busy launch into 2017 (is it ever not busy?), I finally feel as though I’m arriving. There’s something ceremonial and poignant about the simple idea of new beginnings that comes with a new year. An opportunity to leave those things that aren’t serving us behind, and embrace new habits, attitudes and dreams.

My yoga practice has changed and evolved over the years, and what began as a physical practice has grown into something completely different – a spiritual practice that allows me to stay grounded within the chaos of life. From this place of feeling mindfully grounded, I’ve began to contemplate new beginnings, new challenges and projects to propel me into a flourishing 2017.

And it starts here. One of my favourite parts of the creation of the AYJ print magazine is writing the Editor’s letter. My philosophy around work and study has always been to do what I love. Start by doing as much as you can of the things that fill you up, and the rest will follow. And so I’m going to be checking in a little more, here on the www. I’ll keep you up to date with some happenings in the yoga world and my own adventures through it, as well as some personal reflections.

Watch this space to join me on the journey. The timing couldn’t be better as I’m about to jet set off on a yoga adventure through beautiful Bali…and I’m so excited to share it with you!


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