Modern Ayurveda: A perfect fit -

Modern Ayurveda: A perfect fit

Ancient and wise, the holistic system of Ayurveda is the people’s medicine. This practical science has developed benevolently alongside humans for over 4000 years. Ayurveda was discovered by the Rishis, the seers of India, by reflection and observation – some say a gift from the Gods. We can rely on this knowledge today to support us as it still holds true no matter who we are or where we live.

What did you take in through your senses today? What went outward through your organs of action?

Just like the Rishis, we benefit from reflecting at the end of our day on what we did, what we ate, what we said that made us feel light, healthy and at ease. Choose to act that way again tomorrow and feel great every day.

You can create the life-style you want. Bravely listen to what your intuitive voice tells you when you make daily choices. Your soul knows what you really want and how to create a day for yourself that is honest. This is the way of Ayurveda.

As Goethe said “As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live”. He went on to say that once you commit, the entire universe conspires to assist you. This is what it feels like to live according to the very Nature we are created from and an integral part of. Live this way and enjoy abundant energy and a feeling of happiness in connection.

It is irrelevant whether we’re eating Indian food or not, whether we live in a modern world or not. The principles of healthy living have not changed. The details are ours to design according to our individual constitution (Prakruti), digestive strength (Agni), age, culture, and the season. Ayurveda provides guidelines for daily living called Dincharya which are based on its principles and these work best when they are tailored to suit us. Respect this ancient tradition, get to know it and then make it yours.

Take steps and prove it for yourself….

  1. Have an earlier, lighter dinner around 6-7pm, then go to bed before 10pm and wake as close to sunrise as you can. Notice what a difference that makes to your quality of sleep, how tired you actually were at 9pm, and how you cleansed overnight by natural processes that are inbuilt to detoxify your system. Notice how you step into the day more clean and ready to engage.
  2. Blend your green smoothie to fit your Ayurvedic body type so you can assimilate all that bio-available goodness. Health food for you in your life means that which nourishes your system. For 4 days drink smoothies that are not cold and that are less thick and less sweet than you usually drink, and notice the difference. Thick, cold and sweet are Kapha qualities and to take this in the morning, a Kapha time of day, can often be too heavy. Which results in bloating later on and a strain on digestion.

Ayurveda offers us the fundamental principles on which to hang our awareness, to give it some meaning for us with a vocabulary. There is more to the word Vata than the translation of ‘air element’ and it is worth learning this deeper meaning so that when you tap into your intuitive voice and notice something in your body-mind system, then you will know what it means and what you individually can do about it.

About the author:

Ayurvedic practitioner Lesley O’Brien is an Ayurvedic practitioner and founder of Ayur Botanicals. 


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