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Yoga and music: Perfecting the playlist

As many yoga teachers know, the quality of the music in our classes has the potential to make or break the student’s experience. The choice of music helps set the theme and guide the energy for our class.

There are many ways of utilising the full potential of music and playlist design to help bring your classes to the next level. Here are some hints to make it happen:

– Set the music to the theme of the class and your personality.

– Let the energy of the music flow with the energy of the class: build it up to a peak and bring it back down again for relaxation.

– Avoid music with oodles of lyrics as it can be distracting.

– Build the playlist to run overtime so it continues to the end of class and as students leave.

– Think stylistically: fun music for fun spaces and students, high energy for strong faster classes and slower tempo or more ‘zen’ tunes for Yin or Restorative

– Match the vibe and the volume: strong, dynamic, flowing classes can use louder music. If you’re speaking or explaining alignment, or the class is more restorative, turn the volume down.

– Add in the occasional hit to lighten the mood if it fits. A light hearted hip hop tune or an old classic can lift the energy of students and give them a laugh.

– If your playlist isn’t vibing with your group, change it – if the class is feeling more serious or lighthearted than your playlist allows, be flexible!

– Let Savasana be an open and expansive track to encourage relaxation.

– Keep it fresh: don’t use the same playlist week in week out. Try to update regularly – if you’re a full time teacher, once a week is great.

– Explore some new artists and diversify your song choices. My favourites are:

Kaya Project



Boards of Canada

Carbon Based Lifeforms

Uma Mohan

Jon Hopkins

Music for Deep Meditation

Phil Thornton



Connect Ohm

About the author:

Stefan Camilleri is a twenty something yogi who has chosen the practice as his hobby, passion and career. He’s passionate about exploring aspects of yoga both on and off the matt and has zeal for sharing the practice in a light hearted and fun way. A self-confessed yoga-training junkie, Stefan has travelled locally and abroad to study the practice with the masters, discovering how yoga can provide a vehicle to realise unparalleled levels of happiness in day-to-day life. A uniquely rounded understanding of yoga has earned Stefan international appeal, and he now teaches regularly on trainings and workshops in Melbourne, the Americas, Asia and Europe. His humble approach and contagious warm spirit, consistently awesome class playlists and hipster beard make Stefan one of Melbourne’s most adored teachers. @stefancamilleriyoga

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