Church bans yoga

The Daily Telegraph today reports that “yoga classes are being banned in Sydney’s inner west church halls because the exercise practice may lead Christians to worshipping false gods.”

In what is patently a confused mandate itself, the Anglican Church in Erskineville is stopping the hall being used for yoga to stop “spiritual confusion”.

While a final decision has yet to be made on yoga, the church claims, the Anglian church’s Sydney Diocese has instructed other Anglican churches to examine other activities, like tai chi, some martial arts and dragon boating, as they work contrary to the teachings of the gospel, the paper reports

Yoga classes that are purely done for physical benefit are given special dispensation as opposed to ones where a spiritual element was attached to the teaching.

Two unnamed yoga teachers in the Telegraph report that despite the church saying it was under review, they have been told their rental agreements would not be renewed.

One is claimed to have been told that the practice may lead attendees to worship false gods. To counter, she said: ““It’s exercise. It’s also a lot of fun…“It’s not like I’m sacrificing virgins in there.”


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