Akasha Strap

Handcrafted in Guatemala from re-imagined traditional women’s belts (with a mission to promote conscious shopping and support local communities), these beautiful one-of-a-kind yoga straps function as a carrier for your yoga mat and a prop for your practice. $79 www.akashayogapieces.com  

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Picking a Natural Deodorant

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  We like to get sweaty. But we don’t like to stink. That being said, we’re also pretty passionate about what we put on our pits. Why? Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it soaks up whatever you use on it. Here’s the scary (and sad) thing – most of us have been […]

Ayahuasca meets Yoga

  Far from its Indian roots, Yoga has in the past decades become a worldwide phenomenon. With this globalisation process come all the potential downfalls of any cultural exchange such as misinterpretation or inadequate translation of practices, yet it also presents us with many opportunities for new understanding and expanded applications. Likewise, the Plant Spirit […]

Ageing gracefully

ageing gracefully

It’s mid Monday morning and there’s a buzz of students arriving for the general Iyengar yoga class in Austinmer, on the South Coast of NSW. Amongst the regulars is Isla Melville-Jones, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Looking at Isla, with her slim build and her graceful, sunny disposition, it’s nearly impossible to believe her age. […]