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A great way to supplement your income and combine travel is to work on, or run retreats. Remember there is a lot of work involved in running retreats, and financial risks involved. To avoid this, consider running your first retreat with a friend who has some experience in facilitating retreat yoga. Pool your students and resources to create something really special.

Teacher trainings

Eventually you may feel ready to start sharing your yoga teaching knowledge in more depth to help people become new teachers by working on or facilitating teacher trainings. There is a whole lot of responsibility in teaching teachers but you can start small. If you feel passionate and confident with a part of the practice, offer it to existing schools as a service to build experience.

Opening a studio

One day you might want to try opening your own. Studios offer many opportunities and give you the perfect launching pad for retreats, trainings and workshops that you can run regularly. As with all these things, it’s not something easily attainable on a large scale, and it involves both a certain type of person and the right circumstances. Opening a studio is a risk and requires the yogi to be very driven, as well as being in the right place at the right time. It can also be an expensive endeavour, with big studio fit-outs in cities now in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Starting small and manageable works too, but you’ll still need $50,000 to cover building, branding, advertising and your first new months. Using Mind Body software or similar means you can keep track of all your students, class numbers and any other information you might want. With this information, look at building members over everything else as that consistent income and student base is what will help you build your studio. With or without software, ensure you keep a record of student attendance, your costs and makings for tax purposes. You don’t have to open your own studio to have a flourishing yoga business. Hiring a community space is an option that can be more financially, and combined with good marketing and hard work, can still create success and abundance that you can choose to expand into something bigger.

Creating content

Writing for print is as old as time, and a challenging industry to get a grip in. Luckily for our generation the advent of the internet has given us the opportunity to start creating and sharing online content whenever we want. It is possible to make money from this online content. In fact, teacher Sadie Nardini boasts making up to $260,000 a year just from online content alone. This income comes from YouTube videos she collects advertising revenue from, to paid content for other websites, sponsored content, online courses she sells and a subscription to her website that offers online classes.

Above all else, remember why we are here — to create a positive change not only to our own lives, but to those around us. Stay positive, humble, and take care of yourself.

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A uniquely rounded understanding of yoga has earned Stefan Camilleri international appeal, and he now teaches on trainings and workshops in Melbourne, the Americas, Asia and Europe. His humble approach and contagious warm spirit make Stefan one of Melbourne’s most adored teachers. Instagram @stefancamilleriyoga