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Vinyasa Yoga Sequence

Vinyasa Yoga Pose Sequence: Free Flow

The Practice

This vinyasa sequence opens the hips and freshens your perspective by asking you to rethink actions that may be second nature to you in asana practice. For example, you might always clasp your hands with the same fingers on top or do poses on your right side first. The poses in this sequence offer small variations to draw your attention to your habits – and how it feels to change them.

Mind-Body Benefits

When the teachers at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in India want to stimulate
ida nadi (the left energy channel along the chakras), they begin standing poses with the left foot forward. If you usually start on your right side, do the opposite and enjoy the focused, meditative quality ida nadi can bring to your practice.

Key Focal Points

When you consciously change a habitual action, it’s natural to feel a moment of discomfort or uncertainty. Be patient with yourself as you move through the poses and observe any discomfort. Remind yourself that bringing awareness  to your habits can open you up to
new ways of doing things, on and off your mat.


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