oil pulling

If you haven’t heard of oil pulling, you’re in for a treat. This tried and true folk remedy from Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which has been used by various cultures for centuries with amazing results, is not a flash-in-the-pan treatment. The long-term effects on oral health and wellness are vast. You may have heard of various celebrities using it in their beauty routines and touting the benefits in magazine interviews. The goal of oil pulling is to improve your oral and whole body health in a little as five minutes per day. Plus, it couldn’t be easier to incorporate this practice into your daily beauty routines. It takes just a fraction longer than brushing your teeth.

Benefits of oil pulling

There are so many great benefits that it’s hard to explore all of them in just one article. Let’s start with what it can do for your oral health. Your oral health is of utmost importance for total body vitality in so many ways. Not only does oil pulling whiten your teeth, freshen your breath, and kill bad bacteria on your tongue, but it also can help with gum health by preventing gingivitis in reducing plaque build-up. You know that yucky stuff that accumulates on the teeth that brushing and flossing alone can’t completely rid? That’s where oil pulling comes to the rescue. Is it the superhero of mouth health? Absolutely! Another benefit to the practice of daily oil pulling is that it reduces inflammation. If you have an irritated mouth or sensitive teeth and gums, oil pulling can help to alleviate this.

A daily practice

It’s as simple as grabbing a jar of your favourite coconut oil (organic is best) and taking a tablespoon of the oil in your mouth. Gently swish the oil around for five to 15 minutes. Keep in mind the longer you swish, the better the results. When you put the oil into your mouth, do something to distract yourself during the treatment otherwise it will feel like forever. Watch television, do some yoga stretches, or clean your house. Okay, don’t clean your house! But maybe relax and read a magazine you love. Set a timer if you need, and after the session is over, just rinse and spit, preferably in a tissue or in the bin so you don’t clog your pipes.

Once you give oil pulling a try, you’ll be hooked on how great your mouth feels and looks with brighter, beaming white teeth. There is so much more to this practice. These benefits are just the start of a glorious friendship with oil pulling.

About the author

Sabrina Jacquier-Parr is the founder of Keeko, which produces oil pulling sachets and charcoal toothbrushes. The easy-to-use sachets are ready for your oil pulling convenience and are infused with essential oils for a more gentle experience than pulling with straight oil. After a busy and exhausting ballet career in Paris, Sabrina returned to Australia to reclaim her health. After discovering yoga, Sabrina began to delve into the ancient science of Ayurveda. Eager to incorporate oil pulling into her life in an easy and enjoyable way, she was inspired to create her own version of an oil pulling product. Sabina’s mission is to inspire and guide others on their health and wellness journey, one (healthy) smile at a time. www.keekooil.com