Goat Yoga (practicing Yoga with Goats) Grows Rapidly in the US
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Goat Yoga Grows Rapidly in the US

Goat yoga, the practice of doing yoga surrounded by goats, continues to gain popularity in the United States with businesses sprouting up and a line of successful apparel launched. Last week, several hundred people gathered on Virgina Tech lawn to partake in a goat yoga class as a part of welcoming students back to campus, The local student engagement managers told the local news station, “It’s been a huge success in getting new people to turn out and try yoga and also just being around the animals lowers the blood pressure, helps your relax, being outside is something we don’t always get to do in a yoga practice,” Moss Arts CenterBox Office & Student Engagement Manager Kacy McAllister said.

While on the East coast of the US, local yogi Lainey Morse’s goat yoga business is fast becoming an empire. The Albany Herald website reports that, “The company, which started in Corvallis, just celebrated its first anniversary, and Morse said she now has licensees in Ravena, New York, Carlisle, Pennsylvania and New Castle, Kentucky.” Ms Morse told the local paper that “it’s definitely spread like wildfire. The world is stressed out and it needs a happy distraction. Goat Yoga provides a sense of calm and happiness and laughter.”

Goat Yoga Apparel Store: http://www.goatyoga.net/


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