Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia: Coming Soon 


Obey, serve, love, excel – Most people reading those four words would immediately rebel, their negative mind being triggered and their ego firing off a hundred questions starting with: Who do I have to obey and why? But this is the theme of the second ever Kundalini Yoga Festival in Australia and when you ask them who do I obey, the answer is simple, – your Higher Self.

If we can obey our Higher Self, the negative mind quietens; we begin to let go of the fears, doubts and patterns that keep us stuck and unhappy. The heart opens and capacity to serve others builds, when we serve and give, we are filled with the sense of love and oneness. It’s this oneness, which creates an opportunity to excel and allows us to reach our infinite potential.

Kundalini Yoga was bought to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1969, he believed Kundalini Yoga would be a powerful transformative tool when the global shift of consciousness came. This shift is happening right now as we move from the Age of Piscean into the Age of Aquarius.

These Ages last for 2000 years and it’s very rare to be alive in such a time – rare and yet also challenging. The Age of Piscean was very much about power, money, capitalism, to be or not to be was the slogan. People were often looking outside of themselves for the answers to save them, and once they found that thing or person they clung to it.

In this new Age the aim is to – be to be, I am I am, we are realising we no longer need to look outside ourselves; everything we need already exists within us. It’s time to become our own leader, and our own engine.

This hand over period is also known as the Information age and will be a very turbulent time. Everything we want to know is at a touch of a button. Good and bad information flooding our TVs, iPods, phones and computers every minute of the day. Kundalini Yoga offers the tools to cope with the challenging time. Through pranayama, postures, sound and meditation, it creates that solid foundation so you can be unshakeable in the eye of the storm.  It creates awareness from the inside out, so we can understand who we are and act from the Higher Self and our higher purpose.

This long weekend at Mangrove Yoga, Sept 29th – Oct 2nd, the Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia will celebrate four days of kundalini workshops, presented by International and Australian teachers. It’s open to all, with kids program, healing sessions, live music, bazaar and yummy vegetarian food. Set amongst the tranquil settings of Mangrove mountain, and only 1.5hrs north west of Sydney, it will make for a peaceful and healing time for community to come together, relax, renew and rejuvenate.

It’s time to be the change you want to see in the world.

For More information: Kundalini Yoga Festival  

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