What is Yoga  Mixer?

Yoga Mixer is an app the connects like-minded yogis. A social community app, YogiMixer is the newest way for yoga lovers to find romance, friendship, and a few business opportunities to boot.  As easy as the seated twist, members see photos and info about potential pals nearby and then swipe to make contact.

Brad Newman, Founder of YogiMixer, said, “The yoga loving crowd speaks one another’s language, we need each other’s input.  Knowing that I started YogiMixer almost ten years ago with face-to-face events in Santa Monica, California. The idea took off.  It wasn’t long before ambassadors where holding events in cities all around the world. To keep that momentum going, we’ve expanded the idea so people can meet new friends 24/7 in real-time with an app at arm’s reach.”

yoga mixer app

After logging on through Facebook, YogiMixer members add photos of themselves and answer ten vital questions. Giving a brief snapshot Yogis tell about their dharma, favorite yoga class, and what their ideal date is. They also share their most blissful pose and why their heart loves yoga.  For good humor, they entertainingly give a hint about where to find them if they’re not on their yoga mat.

Excellent for making business connections the app asks members to tell about their most cherished yoga product. This opens the door for the “Gift To Share” functionality.  This feature is especially useful for yoga teachers, massage therapists, feng shui consultants and others who use the app to reach new clients in their area.  By offering a promotion, YogiMixer allows professionals to broaden their marketing potential.