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3 Steps to an Abundant Life

Heal your past and reconnect with your intuition for an abundant future.


Becoming disorientated throughout various stages of life can be a regular occurrence. When this happens, where do you seek guidance to get back on track? While relying on external sources such as family, friends, counsellors, psychics, spirit guides, angels or even the power of pendulums may have its merits, who or what could possibly direct you to your destiny as accurately as your own innate wisdom?

Call it what you will—your intuition, higher Self, cosmic intelligence—you, in fact, behold every answer to every question that can unlock the door to a truly abundant existence. “Our intuition can perceive the future and heal the past because it provides a more accurate picture of unresolved problems. Its greatest significance, however, is to inform you about the best possible choice at any moment,” explains energy intuitive healer, Marie Manuchehri, in her new book Intuitive Self-Healing (Sounds True, 2012).

According to studies conducted by California’s Institute of HeartMath (IHM), the human heart plays a crucial role in receiving, processing and decoding intuitive information. IHM’s research has found that the heart obtains this information marginally faster than the brain, although both must work in partnership.

Japanese researcher Dr Makato Shichida believes the brain receives insightful messages via the right hemisphere. The left brain, as many know, is more intellectual, logical, over-analysing; this is where the disconnection from intuition commonly occurs.

“Children are naturally intuitive but go through a process of enculturation that often focuses on intellect and discounts intuitive messages,” says Dr Shaun Matthews, a GP and Ayurvedic therapist at The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Sydney. “We can all potentially reconnect with our innate wisdom, but people who are more in tune with their body through practices like yoga, Tai Chi and dance tend to be more naturally intuitive.”

Here are three steps and a number of methods to help you reconnect with your intuitive self.


abundant lifeIntuitive healing can identify and remove energetic blocks that may be inhibiting your mind-body connection and preventing you from reaching your full potential. While there are many in-depth techniques, restoring balance within your body’s seven main energy centres, or chakras, is a fundamental aspect.

Facilitated intuitive healing

While you don’t have to be psychic to be intuitive, those with such abilities are more likely to detect and treat energetic ailments not usually seen by the naked eye. Facilitated intuitive healing is completely non-invasive and highly therapeutic, yet may have short-term side-effects due to the release of toxins. According to intuitive healer Karina Godwin, founder of Melbourne’s Flying Souls Institute of Healing, these include: frequent urination and bowel movements, headaches, nausea, feeling spacey, flu-like symptoms and feeling emotionally up and down, perhaps fearful. Godwin recommends avoiding alcohol and getting plenty of rest following a healing. Drinking lots of plain tap water is also imperative in flushing toxins and managing fleeting side-effects.

Flowing dance

Free-form dance helps the healing process by bringing together all the fragmented parts of ourselves, allowing us to access repressed aspects, says Sydney dance therapist Michelle Mahrer. She teaches classes based on Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms Dance, which is a moving meditation practice that involves a series of five basic rhythms: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.

“Rather than having steps to follow, each rhythm is a different energy field in which you find your own expression and choreography,” explains Mahrer. “Through following these rhythms we surrender to our authentic way of moving. We become a flow of energy. We move beyond the mind, personality and ego, awakening the spirit and soul.”

Prefer to practise in private? Mahrer recommends putting on music that moves you and allowing your mind and body to go with the flow. “Once you move into a flow and your mind relaxes, just keep following your dance.”

Chakra healing

Marie Manuchehri believes everyone is ultimately their own best healer. The most practical access for self-healing is via the sixth chakra, or ajna chakra, located in the brain’s centre.

“Intuitive information enters the body through the back mate of the sixth chakra, located at the occipital ridge, the bump at the back of your head. Intuitive information then moves through your brain and into the front mate of the sixth chakra, located at your forehead,” she explains.

“The front mate translates intuitive information into language that makes sense to those of us living in a physical world. As we strengthen our intuition, it flows into every cell of our bodies, allowing us to become multisensory beings.”

Manuchehri suggests the following exercise to energetically strengthen ajna chakra.

Keeping your head still, make large circles with your eyes in clockwise direction for 15 seconds. Now move your eyes in large counter-clockwise circles for 15 seconds. Look up at the ceiling and down to the floor for 15 seconds. Look as far as you can to the left and then to the right for another 15 seconds.


abundant lifeSilence and stillness create a space for receiving. Meditation, particularly methods emphasising mindfulness of breath, can silence mental chatter and create the stillness required for insight to filter through. Dr Shaun Matthews recommends body awareness methods, such as Yoga Nidra deep relaxation and Vipassana Buddhist meditation.

“These practices teach you to listen to your body and find internal spaciousness; the space between each breath and each thought,” says Dr Matthews.

Zen breathing techniques are also incredibly powerful, combining stillness of breath, body and mind. Manuchehri recommends performing the following simple exercise for five minutes each day.

Sit comfortably, closing your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, and then breathe naturally without consciously trying to control it. Count “one” as you exhale; inhale; count “two” on the exhale, and so on to five. Begin a new cycle of counting your breath from one to five.

To leave you feeling well-grounded, Karina Godwin suggests concluding your meditation by visualising roots growing from the soles of your feet and anchoring into the earth.


Have intuitive messages manifested in your dreams? Now use your new-found insight to turn dreams into reality. Affirmations are an effective and motivating tool promoting the power of positive thinking, although both Hanley and Godwin reiterate the importance of keeping them realistic and relevant. To create suitable affirmations, Godwin suggests identifying an issue in which you are experiencing negativity and creating an entirely positive statement around that.

“Say it in sets of three as many times as you can. There are no limitations to the power of affirmations; the more they’re done, the quicker and more effective the result,” she says.

“I am” statements or those that keep you in the present tense are particularly useful. Perhaps begin with, “I am profoundly intuitive and connected to my higher Self”, and constantly update it to remain current and motivated. Need inspiration? Author Louise Hay offers numerous affirmations in her best-selling book You Can Heal Your Life. Visit www.louisehay.com for simple daily affirmations and move toward the fruitful future that truly honours you.

Forgive Unconditionally

Intuitive healer Karina Godwin believes lacking forgiveness towards yourself and others blocks the path toward unconditional abundance. She offers the following cleansing technique from her guided meditation CD, Living & Embracing Your Abundance.

Sit or recline comfortably in a quiet place. Close your eyes. Allow your mind and body to relax, acknowledging thoughts and sending them away.

Visualise a big, beautiful tree with strong branches and scattered apples. Choose an apple: whose face is on it?

Affirm, preferably aloud: “I release the energy that lies within this apple. I forgive unconditionally those involved with this issue.”

Visualise ripping the apple from the tree and throwing it into a nearby open fire, watching it disintegrate.

Upon completion, hug the tree and allow its energy to merge with your own. Feel its roots into the centre of the earth.

Take three deep breaths and open your eyes.

Keep a Journal

Journalling is an effective way of clearing the mind. Try the following three methods daily.

DUMPING DIARY  Silence your mind by dumping negative thoughts onto your diary’s pages. Sydney-based empathic intuitive, Heidi Hanley, says this creates an incredibly emptying effect and allows you to access emotions or thoughts you’re not consciously aware of. “Every time a fear or limiting belief comes up, write it down and consciously feel what bubbles to the surface,” says Hanley. “It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to read it or even keep it afterwards.”

DECIPHERING DIARY  How are you receiving intuitive messages? Is it through bodily sensations, visions, words or perhaps sounds? To clarify, Hanley suggests observing the language you use while conversing with others and writing it down in your diary. “Do you use descriptive words like ‘I see what you mean’, ‘I know what you feel’ or ‘I hear what you’re saying’? This will give you an indication of your intuitive abilities.”

DREAM DIARY  Dream psychologist Ian Wallace says that because our unconscious awareness is 250,000 times more insightful than conscious awareness, dreams can provide profound insight into the intuitive Self. “A typical person consciously processes around 40 pieces of information in one minute. Using their unconscious awareness, however, they can process over 10 million pieces of information per minute. These billions of pieces of information are unconsciously absorbed during the day and processed into meaningful information by dreaming.” Keep your journal beside your bed and jot down your dream recollections immediately upon awakening.

Diana Timmins is a freelance writer and hatha vinyasa teacher based on the South Coast of NSW.


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