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Christmas is on its way and you have probably started thinking about the perfect presents to give your friends and family. However, if you are stuck for inspiration and yet you want to give the young ones you love something meaningful – a gift they can treasure for a lifetime – then we are here to help. This festive season you can share the love and yogic joy by bestowing on your loved ones the gift of yoga. You can inspire and instill in others the desire and know-how to embrace a practice that can teach the tools to self-calm, find inner strength and happiness.

So, this Christmas, how about following my 12 days of Christmas yoga for gifts that you can all enjoy together (young, old and middle-aged) forever?

12 gift tips

  1. Give a yoga story book: Babar’s Yoga for Elephants by Laurent de Brunhoff is a particularly cute one.
  2. Host a Christmas yoga party: What fun! Who wouldn’t want to come?
  3. Download meditation for children: I’ve created a yoga nidra sequence for children, especially for you. Visit for a free relaxation download.
  4. Give a mandala colouring book: Children, teens and even adults love to colour in. Mandalas are special because they help to create single-pointed focus and develop concentration; a perfect moment of peace among the Christmas madness. Check out for a multitude of choices.
  5. Make a yoga Christmas tree ornament: We often do this in the final yoga class of the year as a special gift for the kids to take home. Draw your favourite pose on an ornament to hang on the tree for a personal touch.
  6. Play yoga reindeer games: In preparation for their big night ahead, the reindeers warm up by assuming Down Dog. Have children run sideways to one end of the room and back. You can also make this a team game.
  7. Sign up for a term of yoga classes for children.
  8. Learn to teach yoga to children: Go to for a free audio download on my top 10 tips for teaching yoga to children, or attend a teacher training course.
  9. Commit to doing an anonymous good deed: In the spirit of Christmas, teach children the joy of giving to others.
  10. Give a a deck of yoga cards: Check out bookshops or online for a huge range of often beautifully illustrated yoga cards for children.
  11. Enjoy a moment of gratitude: With the excitement and overwhelm of the holiday season, the perfect gift for yourself and your children could be to spend a moment thinking of all the things you are grateful for.
  12. Rename five yoga poses with Christmas names. For example, Tree Pose could be Christmas Tree Pose or Triangle Pose could be Snow Angel. If you feel creative, sequence them into a Christmas story or a song.

With 20 years of experience, Loraine is a leading authority on yoga for children and teens. Worldwide, she has trained 1,000s of people how to teach children’s yoga in a way that is educational, meaningful and fun.

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