Yoga Lung Cancer Study

A recent study conducted in the US revealed that Yoga appeared to help improve the patients overall physical function, stamina and mental health. It was also revealed that caregivers were given a boost from the Yoga sessions as well.

The group, most of whom were in their 60’s took part in an average of 12 yoga sessions. The focus was on breathing exercises, physical postures and meditation.

The poses included chest openers, which stretch the chest area and emphasise deep breathing. That was considered an important element to the research because people with lung cancer often have trouble breathing.

Compared to a control group of patients who did not practice yoga, those who did had higher scores on a six-minute walking test and more stamina. Their caregivers also reported less fatigue and better stamina while working.

Organisers of the study chose Yoga because it is a a low-impact form of exercise that allows partners to participate. It’s also easily modified to meet individual patients’ needs.

The study was conducted with both patients and caregivers.  The study focussed on the Caregivers as well,  as it has been revealed that Caregivers sometimes have more anxiety and sleeping problems than patients. Organisers of the study thought having the patient and caregiver go through yoga instruction together would be beneficial for both partners.

The findings of the study were presented to the Palliative and Supportive Care Oncology Symposium in San Diego.

The researchers were “thrilled” that many participants said they would continue to practice yoga on their own.

Story originally published on WebMD News from HealthDay