Yoga Retreat Thailand

Picture this: you are in the tropical paradise you have always dreamed about visiting, nestled between a lush tropical rainforest and the sparkling Andaman Sea. As the morning rays warm your face, you are taken on a blissful guided meditation, before partaking on gentle  Vinyasa class that’s designed for especially you. All this before a  delicious, healthy breakfast made by masterful Chef from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Your day has just begun and already you feel refreshed, alive and invigorated. 

That’s how the days start on Mudita yoga retreats. Mudita translates from Sanskrit to “finding joy in the happiness and success of others.” 

Kim  White and Nicole  Herft from Mudita Yoga Retreats craft their retreats with this purpose in mind. With a mutual love of travel, delicious food,  blissful yoga and relaxation, connection and growth, they created unforgettable retreat experiences filled with fun, love, laughter and relaxation that is all about finding joy in your happiness and success. 

 “We truly believe that everyone deserves to be kind to themselves. Give yourself some time on the mat surrounded by natural beauty and inspiring like-minded people,” says Kim, a yoga teacher of over 20 years experience.  Kim White Yoga was honoured to be awarded “Yoga School of the Year 2017” – Asia and Australasia region of The Luxury Travel Guide Awards.  

The Destination: Tropical Phuket

Their next retreat is  Jan 29th – Feb 4th 2018 in Phuket, one of Thailand’s largest islands and one of Asia’s most popular and vibrant beach destinations. The island’s eastern coastline offers gorgeous sunrises and secluded bays, perfect for island boat tripping. The lush setting engenders a deep sense of wellbeing. 

Phuket Yoga Retreat 1On  their  retreats, besides yoga, mediation and delicious food everyday Kim and Nicole offer daily experiences to immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds you. Expect sun-drenched island boat trips and hikes to stunning waterfalls and some self-discovery. You  will have time to relax and lose yourself….only to find yourself again. 

The Food 

Nicole  says that they always choose magical locations with  luxurious  accommodation. “We handpick dreamy destinations with a variety of natural elements to enjoy. Great weather, friendly locals, blissful beaches, mystical mountains and refreshing waterfalls are a must on Mudita Retreats. But Nicole’s real passion is food and she brings 20 years experience in the food industry to Mudita retreats  where the food is clearly a huge priority, not an afterthought.  

Phuket Yoga Retreat 2
A delicious Sweet Potato& Black Bean Burger


“This won’t be a detox-style retreat, but we do want to keep things healthy, says Nicole. “Expect a combination of modern vegetarian options throughout the week. We might also use fresh seafood if it is locally available.” A committed yogi, Nicole wants to inspire people to have vegetarian days more often. “It’s much better for our health and better for our environment,” she adds.

After Nicole and Kim find out from you what level your cookery skills are, they design the cookery lessons around what kind of food the group would like to eat.  

 “We aim to teach you as many dishes as possible during your stay with us and get you involved in the cookery process everyday. The cookery classes will involve everyone and will range from breakfast ideas right through to desserts and snacks. You will go home with a pack full of recipes that you’ve been taught during your time on the retreat.” 

 Nicole lovingly creates the menus with you in mind. Nicole’s skills allow her to make food that not only looks gorgeous, has lots of flavour, texture and depth.

The  YOGA 

“What I want you as my yoga guests to experience during our time together is ‘Your’ Yoga journey,” say Kim. Kim says that everyone’s yoga is their own and different to the next person. In order for you to know what ‘Your” yoga is, Kim shows you her yoga, or what she refers to as “her long-time friend and companion.”  

“I will explain yoga how I see it and how I practise it and this comes with many of my little analogies and stories, I have collected along the way.” 

“Yoga is not a mystery”, says Kim. “I want you to see how simple it can be for you. I want to demystify Yoga and make it relatable to everyone that wishes to experience it.” 

Yoga Retreat
Kim in Dancer Pose

Typically mornings will start with an optional 7am meditation. This is usually a basic guided meditation and a great way for first timers try it. For regular sitters, they have created a beautiful space for your morning meditation.  

Following this Kim and Nicole offer a one-hour morning yoga class that will surely have you ready, moving and prepared for the day. Most morning classes will be either Hatha or a gentle Vinyasa class. After breakfast and before or after lunch (activity depending), they offer a daily workshop.  

“I will share some Yoga workshops that are a bit different to our “normal” Yoga sessions,” says Kim. I want to open your eyes to all the Yoga doors! I will be presenting Acro Yoga & Face Yoga, which even includes making our own natural face products.” 

After your free time, guests come back to the mat in the afternoon for a 90-minute yoga class sure to build an appetite for our amazing dinners ahead. Kim will tailor the classes to your individual needs. Kim’s focus for the afternoon classes will be on a stronger more powerful yoga session or releasing, Yin Yoga or restorative Yoga class. 


The Connection 

 In the end, what bring this whole Mudita Retreat together are the friendships and connections you will make whilst on this retreat. Connections and new experiences with like-minded souls from all around the world is something very special. Giving Kim the final word” “We look forward to meeting you all and guiding you on a transformative experience. We aim for our retreat to give you the quiet time to relax and reflect, but to also take you on an adventure of a lifetime.” 



yoga thailand
It’s all about connection and fun




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