Rest Well: Discover the art of rest to find peace within

The art of rest

We live in a complex world. Most of us are living modern lifestyles, moving around at a busy pace that doesn’t leave much space for slowing down for rest or recovery. In order to simply function in the world we take on certain pressures to keep up with societal demands, drawing time and energy from us. These constant stresses of daily life are enough to render us fatigued, and exhausted if we fail to look after and balance of our energy levels. Learning the art of rest is becoming more and more essential for our overall mental, emotional, and physical health.

One of the most essential starting points in developing a practice of rest is this: Prioritise the time and make it a sacred practice to slow down and restore yourself back to your fullness.

Setting time aside for healthy practices is the most fundamental step towards slowing down, going within and discovering health and happiness.

5 simple ways to find stillness


Set a timer for 15 minutes, close your eyes, and rest your attention on your breath. Commit to sitting in that centred state until the timer goes off. Carry this practice into your day and the things you do.

Yin / Restorative Yoga

These practices are aimed at slowing down, calming the nervous system and creating space on all levels. They can also aid deeper and more restful sleep.

Take time to unplug

Set your phone aside, turn off all screens and take space from your duties. If possible, give yourself an entire day where you can set work responsibilities aside, leave your gadgets powered off, and take time to return to the simplicity of a walk in nature, a pot of herbal tea, a bath, or an enriching book.


Take time to reconsider behaviours of your life that are sapping your energy. Detoxing can do wonders to restore energy back into your system, and can include practices of juice fasting, removing sugar / coffee / alcohol from your diet, and taking breaks from social media / TV. While on a detox use the best possible whole foods and clear water (free of chlorine and fluoride) to cleanse the system as you address areas that are drawing upon your vitality.


Prana is the force of life, and ayama is ‘to extend’ or ‘add dimension.’ Pranayama techniques are amazing practices to deepen your energy levels, bring fresh oxygen into the blood, brain, and body, and create harmony within.

As you create space and prioritise your practice of resting, remember that it is an art that you can carry with you. Know that over time this practice can become one which serves and nourishes you on all levels — physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically, bringing you back to a deeper sense of being in the world. Let the gifts of this practice work through you as you meet your responsibilities and share with love to those around you.

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