spirit festival


By Jessica Humphries

Bali Spirit Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary in March 2017, with a five-day, seven-night extravaganza of yoga and dance. Set among the picturesque rice fields of Ubud, the event attracted thousands of yogis from around the globe. As Australian Yoga Journal’s representative, I delightedly soaked up the atmosphere on the island of the gods, indulging in yogic offerings – from ecstatic dance to hatha classes, cacao ceremonies and some truly sensational breathwork sessions. During Sacred Sonic’s cacao celebration on day one, the group ecstatically announced, “If you don’t think it’s possible to reach greater levels of bliss, you’re in for a real treat.” I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face over the next four days, as I moseyed from one transformational workshop to the next, taking breaks in between to soak up Ubud’s delights and sip my way through fresh coconuts to rehydrate during long, hot, yoga-filled days. I was shaken by this event, in a good way, and not just because an earthquake rocked my world (literally) on the third day! I became especially hooked on the breath sessions, finding myself drawn to the breath of bliss tent throughout the event, to connect with other festival-goers, but more importantly, to connect with myself. These practices were unlike anything I’d experienced before, and were some of the most enlightening moments of my yogic explorations to date. By the time I left, I felt more connected than I have in years, remembering the words of Mark Whitwell in one of his sessions, “We are the power of the cosmos arriving as pure intelligence and utter beauty. Everyone is. Our yoga is simply the practice by which we learn to realise this.”


A Poem By Mary Jones

It’s true to say we are all one, Rainbow flags waving welcome, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Opening circle breathing as one, Knowing your journey has just begun, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

A Bundjalung blessing for the land, Protectors of country taking a stand, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Giving thanks to Mother Earth, All of the beauty she has birthed, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Laugh, cry and simply let go, Open your mind, go with the flow, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Doesn’t matter if it’s rain or sun, Coming together is always fun, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Walking barefoot down the street, Friends to find, strangers to meet, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Dance, sing and chant to energise, Making the collective spirit rise, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Yoga to bend, stretch and restore, Building strength right to your core, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Voices raised in divine song, Everyone invited to sing along, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Drumbeats reverberate your soul, Dancing away, young and old, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Meditate to calm the mind, Leaving all of your stress behind, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Wisdom shared throughout the day, Freely given in every way,
You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Tantra makes your heart sing, Release deep emotions from within, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Sipping on sacred Mayan cacao, Ancient traditions meet the now, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Time in community to reflect, A vibrant space to truly connect, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Sharing the love all around, Giving long hugs, kisses abound, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

Closing ceremony to heal the heart, Love stays with you even apart, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.

One soul, one family, one tribe, Healing together in this beautiful vibe, You’ve got the Byron Spirit.


Check out these upcoming events at www.spiritfestival.com.au and www.balispiritfestival.com