We asked some of our favourite, Australian yoga teachers who their biggest yoga inspiration is, and here’s what they had to say.

yoga inspiration
Amy Landry

By far, Elena Brower is my greatest yoga inspiration. I started following her work a number of years ago before she was so well known on Aussie shores. I found her integrity, vulnerability, and dedication immensely inspiring. As a yoga teacher, I admired her eloquent and intelligent dialogue and cues. As a human being, I was inspired by her leadership, studentship, and transparency. She shaped me profoundly as a teacher, and now very much so all over again as a new mama.Amy Landry 

yoga inspiration
Delamay Devi

My long-time teacher, mentor and friend Shiva Rea of over ten years. Shiva is a true embodiment of wisdom, sahaja, joy, adventure, tantrica and truth-seeker on the path. Words do not capture or do justice to how much this woman inspires me (and thousands of others), and continues to do so through her writing, teachings and quality time invested in unearthing, cultivating and breathing life into all aspects of life on and off the mat!Delamay Devi

yoga inspiration
Sarah Ball

The great yoga inspiration of my life…those people on the margins of society who nonetheless have a strong relationship with their own centre. In a culture saturated with idealism, I draw inspiration from the humour, generosity, and transparency of those I meet in my teaching and counselling work in mental health, eating disorders, and social justice. These folks remind me daily of the yogic potential of transformation through post-traumatic-growth, and of living with vulnerability, courage, and an open heart, both on and off the yoga mat – Sarah Ball 

yoga inspiration
Mary Kate

Every person that I meet in my life, every person that I love, every person that I connect with, every person that I spend a single moment with; everyone is my guru. My yoga practice is inspired by the beauty and pain of being human, the highs and lows of everyday life, the simple things in life that bring me joy and peace of mind. Every smile I give and receive, every word of wisdom I share and hear, every hug that embraces my body; all of these connections are my inspiration. Mary Kate