Effortless Meditation Practice and You: The Ultimate Modern Yoga Retreat
effortless meditation practice

Effortless Meditation Practice and You: The Ultimate Modern Yoga Retreat

Effortless Meditation & Yoga Retreat

Short moments of meditation repeated many time become continuous.

Set in Hepburn Springs at the beautiful Continental House, this weekend is so much more than a luxurious weekend away.

effortless meditation practice

In our busy schedules it is hard to find time to meditate or even just relax! This is why we LOVE short moments of meditation – a powerful approach to living based on ancient teachings with modern applications.

Learn an Effortless Meditation Practice Technique

The facilitators Romy & Daniel have been teaching all over the world and learning from a lineage holder of the Nyingma Dzogchen lineage for the past 11 years, and are in Melbourne offering a deep immersion into the Effortless Meditation practice. It is a real life meditation that can be easily applied as you go about your daily activities.

Wake up to Vinyasa Flow classes and wind down your days with Restorative Yoga. During the day there will be workshops with the opportunity to ask questions, hear the trainers share their experience and receive personalised direct support in applying the Effortless Meditation practice.

effortless meditation practice

Allow Romy & Daniel to guide you through this retreat and introduce you to a meditation practice that comes home with you and is effortlessly integrated into your life. Experience a life of ease, confidence and complete stability regardless of circumstances.

The Details

The retreat will commence on Friday 13 April at 6:30pm and conclude on Sunday 15 April at 3pm. All meals are organic vegetarian.

The cost of the retreat starts at $500. Visit the website to find out about the early bird specials, more about the practice and its roots, testimonials, or check out the daily schedule for this transformational weekend away. www.effortlessretreat.com

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