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Inside the April 2018 issue of Australian Yoga Journal. We ask luminaries in the industry their opinion of yoga offshoots: drunk yoga, dog yoga, nude yoga, etc. Is it harming yoga or bringing new people to it? Is it even yoga? We profile nude yoga girl, a yoga-lebrity, and delve into the energy healing: what’s the right modality for you? Below is the contents of the latest issue. If you’d like to be sure to receive a copy, be sure to subscribe here.

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Nude Yoga Girl
Nude Yoga Girl is an internet sensation. In this issue she answers her critics and reveals the real motivation behind her daily practice.


Western Culture and the Soul of Yoga
Nude yoga, drunk yoga, goat yoga: can the essence of yoga be sustained amidst the gimmicks?   


Scrumptiously Slow
Slow cookers aren’t just for hearty indulgences.


Subtle Healing
Discover 7 energy-healing modalities and find the one that best serves you.


A Life of Balance
Live in harmony with yoga’s philosophies in the modern world.   


Get to know Your Planes
Annie Carpenter explores the anatomical planes of movement.    


Yoga Forever
Stay strong and healthy for years to come.


Kundalini for Willpower
Break bad habits and stick to your intentions for good.

stick to intentions

Oh Well, it’s like this
The struggle of accepting things as they are.   


In the Flow
Relaxing into life’s ups and downs.

The Core of Yoga
Does a six pack equal a healthier body? The answer may surprise you.


Your Kids’ Cognitive Development
Yoga therapy for little minds. 

Escape to Byron
Hinterland’s Best Kept Secret

Discover the quaint town of Uki and its yogic treasures.


nude yoga girl
Healthy Wholesome Harvest
Elena Brower shares her favourite go-to recipe.

John Ogilvie’s Practice Tips
Tired muscles and late night asana.

Embodying the Sutras
Simplifying the ancient texts.


Pose of the month
From Utthita Parsvakonasana to Visvamitrasana.

Home Practice
Create an abundant life with Katonah Yoga.   

Fascinating facts about fascia.    

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