The following kundalini kriya exercises are ancient and powerful tools to help us tap into the flow of abundance, good luck and good fortune. Complete each exercise in the exact order given for three minutes, as written in the explanation. Try this daily for 40 days and watch your garden of love, abundance, opportunity and joy expand.

TIP: To enhance the richness in your life even further, along with these kundalini kriyas, practice the attitude of gratitude! Miracles happen when we open our hearts, serve, give and are truly Great-Full for everything we already have. Become a magnet for goodness, and happiness shall fall at your feet.


Sit with a tall, straight spine and apply Jalandhara Bandha (Neck Lock). Bring your hands to the centre of your chest in Prayer Pose and chant or say the Adi Mantra: ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO three times. This mantra calls upon the Creator, the Divine Teacher within us all. It establishes a strong, clear connection so that we may receive the highest guidance, inspiration and energy. We are guided through our practice by our higher consciousness rather than our Ego and personality. Called the Adi Mantra, this mantra translates as, “I bow to the One Creator, I bow to the Divine Teacher, to the Infinite Wisdom within.”


kundalini kriya

To activate the navel point and the power to self-transform – 

Lie down at on your spine, with your lower back gently imprinted into the ground by activating the deep abdominal muscles. Lengthen the back of your neck and raise your head, hands and heels 15cm off the ground, but keep your shoulder blades pressing into ground. Really stretch your ngertips and arms towards your toes and press your thighs powerfully together while radiating the energy of the legs away from you, thus stretching out powerfully from your core. Pull the lower front ribs toward your pelvic bones and elongate your spine. Your eyes are open and focused strongly at your toes. Begin rapid
Breath of Fire through your nose. Keep up for one to three minutes.To end, inhale deeply, and suspending the breath apply Mula Bandha for 10 seconds. Exhale and relax.

SUBAGH KRIYA: A five-part complete Kundalini Kriya meditation set

Do each exercise for three minutes in the exact order given, with a 30-second rest between each exercise.

kundalini kriya

1) Sit cross-legged, with a tall, straight spine and apply Jalandhara Bandha (Neck Lock) by gently drawing the back of the throat toward the spine, lengthening the back of the neck and lifting your chest. Bend the elbows down by the sides, upper arms relaxed, and place the palms in front of your chest. Close your eyes and, through your closed eyes, look to the tip of the nose. Now strike the outer sides of the hands together, forcefully hitting the area from the base of the little fingers (Mercury Fingers) to the base of the palm. Then turn your hands over so they face down and strike the sides of the index fingers (Jupiter Fingers) together. Alternately strike these two positions, striking hard at a rate of one strike per second. With each strike, chant out loud the sound “Har”. To create the sound, hit the tip of the tongue to the upper palate just behind the front teeth and pull the navel with each “Har”.


kundalini kriya

2) Stretch your arms out and up at a 60-degree angle. Keep the elbows absolutely straight throughout the entire exercise. Spread the fingers as wide as you can and make them as stiff and tight as possible; really feel each nger like steel. Now crisscross the arms in front of the face, keeping the palms facing forward. Alternate the position of the arms, so the left
arm crosses in front of the right, and the right then crosses in front of the left. Continue alternately crossing the arms,keeping the elbows straight and the ngers open wide and
stiff. Move at a rate of one cross per second. Silently vibrate the sound “Har” within your mind each time the arms cross.


kundalini kriya

3) In the same position, take your arms out and up at a 60-degree angle. Create fists with your hands with the thumbs on the inside. Now squeeze the thumbs really tight with your fists, as though you are squeezing water out of them. Again with your elbows straight throughout the exercise, move the arms together at the same time in small backward circles. Keep the squeezing pressure on the thumbs with your fists. As you circle your arms, chant the mantra “God” powerfully from your navel. For each backward circle, chant “God” at a rate of one backward circle per second. Move the arms powerfully so that the entire spine shakes. The mantra “God” stands for the Generating, Organising, Delivering/Destroying principle of the Universe. It’s like we are dropping the “E” in EGO and replacing it with a “D” at the end, making it G.O.D to ride the energy of God. Think of it as getting your Ego out of the way to allow the Higher Power in you to come through for guidance and to orchestrate the events of your life, allowing you to be in flow with the bigger picture, Higher Will or Grand Orchestrated Design.


kundalini kriya

4) Bend your arms so your elbows point to the sides. The forearms are parallel to the ground and the palms face your body around the level of the diaphragm. The right hand moves up a good few centimetres as the left hand moves down a few centimetres, in a strong chopping action. The hands move alternately up and down between the heart and navel area. As the hands move, chant the mantra, “Har Haray Haree Wah-Hay Guroo” in a deep monotone from the navel. Complete one repetition of the mantra approximately every four seconds. For the first minute chant this mantra out loud, for the next minute whisper it powerfully out loud, and for the final minute whistle it.


kundalini kriya

5) With a straight spine, keeping Jalandhara Bandha applied, bend your elbows and place them parallel to the ground. Place the right forearm on your left forearm at shoulder height, with palms facing down. Close your eyes. Maintain a very steady posture. Sit regally, like a masterful manifesting yogi. Breathing very slowly, deeply and with control over your breath, inhale for 20 seconds, suspend the breath for 20 seconds, then exhale slowly with control for 20 seconds — so that you take one breath per minute. If this is challenging, begin with 15 seconds for each part and slowly build up to 20 seconds. This is potent mind training — life mastery requires mind mastery, which begins with breath mastery! Over time, this will become easier and you shall perfect it.

Now, sit in stillness and meditate on all that you are grateful for in your life for a few minutes. Then come to lie on your back in Savasana and let go completely. Stay here for three to five minutes to fully integrate this powerful Kriya.


* Har translates as God, specifically the abundant creative aspect of God.

* Har Haray Haree Wha-Hay Guroo can be translated as the three qualities of the seed sound Har, Creative Infinity — Seed, Flow and Completion, unto the Infinite.


  • Throughout the entire Kriya, apply Jalandhara Bhandha (Neck Lock).
  • At the end of each three-minute exercise, inhale deeply as you apply Mula Bandha by contracting in and up the rectum, sex organs, and Navel Point. Stretch and squeeze the spine vertically upward, face relaxed — feel contained and concentrated. Hold for about 10 seconds then exhale and relax.
  • Always tune in with the Adi Mantra before any practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.
  • Enjoy the magic of this potent Kundalini Kriya.

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