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Yoga Food: Feed your practice with an all in one superfood

Living in India for a year taught me a lot about my yoga practice.
 One important lesson was the impact food choices and dietary habits had on my overall growth within my yoga practice. Put simply, if I ate well and at the right times, practice was good, but if I ate the wrong food, practice could range from stiff and painful, to heavy, lethargic and distracted. I needed an all in one yoga food!

As a teacher I have observed students who are diligently and consistently practicing asana without achieving the growth we may expect.

In most instances, a lot of us don’t make the connection between nutrition and our practice until much later, if ever.

Of course there are many factors that can impact a yoga practice. However, making a few simple dietary changes can shift your practice in a positive direction, often with fewer aches and less inflammation.

Yoga Food came about as I realised we were feeling depleted and needed to naturally boost our nutritional intake for our own practice. We began creating organic superfood smoothies for ourselves after yoga that were loaded with plant proteins, supergreens, probiotics and a whole lot more.

We found it assisted with recovery and provided a clean, even energy boost, but having to buy a dozen different products to throw into the mix was expensive and a time consuming chore.

We decided to simplify and solve the problem by creating a delicious ALL IN ONE product especially for yogis that was easy to use and take with you anywhere.

We now share this with as many people as possible so they can feel the benefits within their life and practice!

yoga food

About the author:

Dr Sean Kirke is the founder and director of Yoga Food, a certified organic, plant-based superfood blend, designed to help yoga students feed and fuel their yoga practice. His vision is to start yogis on a journey of better nutritional choices to support their growth with something simple and easy… a morning smoothie.

Sean teaches Ashtanga yoga and practices Chiropractic on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. See Yoga Food for details.

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