A 20 Minute Yoga Class for the Psoas Muscle: By Janie Larmour from Zen Ki Yoga


It’s been claimed that psoas muscle (pronounced SO-as) may be the most important muscle in your body. Without this essential muscle group, the moves you take for granted, standing up, for example, couldn’t happen. In fact, whether you run, bike, dance, practice yoga, or just hang out on your couch, your psoas muscles are involved. That’s because your […]

How to receive: The yoga of give and take

MY GENEROUS MOTHER could never receive a gift. On Christmases and birthdays, my brothers and I would each offer her something we thought she’d like – a jumper, a piece of jewellery, a certificate for a massage. She’d say, “Thank you,” of course. But she’d put the jumper in the bottom drawer, bag the jewellery, […]