Pursue your passion, advance your career and deepen your yoga practice


The Dru Yoga training course is both a teacher training and an in-depth personal development course.


You can become a highly skilled yoga practitioner or teacher, boost your skills as a therapist, excel as a group leader and make great friends who share the passion of yoga.


About 30% of our trainees do the course for their own personal or professional development.


Plus, we have yoga teachers from many other traditions do the course for post graduate study.


Some are drawn to the emphasis placed on the koshas for a deeper yogic experience while others seek out our specialised modifications that make yoga accessible and effective for nearly anyone who wants to learn it.


Dru has a unique mind/heart//body focus–we use yoga movements to shift blocked energy, balance emotions and transform your mind.


So, what is Dru Yoga? It’s yoga with potent flowing movements and sequences, guided breath work and empowering visualisations.


Dru works on body, mind and spirit, improving strength, stamina and flexibility enabling you to feel re-energised and uplifted.


Research shows Dru Yoga is one of the most effective antidotes for managing the stresses of everyday living and for overcoming back pain.

Importantly, by doing Dru Yoga training you’ll discover a depth of purpose that motivates you to make a difference in many people’s lives.


Dru is one of the fastest growing yoga schools in Australia, training qualified and inspired yoga teachers.

Our 500-hour plus courses are highly regarded internationally so join us and make a life choice that supports you to live the life you want.


In 2018 we have Dru Yoga courses in Adelaide and New Zealand and both include second intakes.

These yoga courses are suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.


Dru Meditation–Brisbane (2nd intake November 2018)

Is meditation your next step? Why not explore the Dru Meditation training course for transformative personal development and / or to train as a meditation teacher.

You’ll learn how to quickly and effortlessly enter meditation and discover how to become the master of your mind and emotions.


Dru Meditation training equips you with the skills to lead individuals and groups to still their minds and experience deep peace. Contact us for more information.


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