Reverance Retreat

Inspired by Western Australia’s Flow Festival and Victoria’s Celebrating Sexuality Festival, the inaugural Reverence Retreat is a boutique, festival style space for you to spend three days exploring Yoga, intimacy and relationships on picturesque hillsides north of Perth in October this year.

The theme of this year’s retreat – Conscious Communication and Sacred Sexuality – and the retreat itself were born out of a growing desire for more genuine, authentic and compassionate relationships. Reverence Retreat is a community of like-hearted musicians, Yogis, healers and practitioners who all believe that something is lacking in today’s relationships: reverence. This means a deep respect not only for our relationships with other people, but also for our relationships with ourselves and for the relationship with have with the environment.

Reverence offers retreat goers a bespoke festival experience to explore their spiritual, sensual and sexual selves in a safe, sacred space created with intention, love and consecration on a private location in the beautiful Swan Valley area of Western Australia. Out of respect for our relationship with the planet, this event is proudly free of single-use plastics and completely vegan.

Over 20 of Australia’s leading healing arts practitioners, from musicians and Yogis to counsellors and teachers, will guide attendees through various workshops, including Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, Tantric practices, kirtan, Shibari, conscious kink, a cacao ceremony, an ecstatic dance, as well as discussions about consent, monogamy and non-monogamy, and much more.

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At this retreat, which has been granted grace by the local Aboriginal community, you will learn how to better connect with and understand yourself, how you relate to your immediate environment as well as the world at large, and how to develop skills which can be used in your relationships with other people, from partners and lovers to strangers and co-workers.

Reverence will be a place of celebration, ceremony and community. However, because we value consensual intimacy and authentic connection, there are only 100 tickets available to this unique event. If you feel called to experience and explore deep connection, you can secure your place at Reverence with a payment plan that begins at only $75. As a special offer, AYJ readers can enter the code Legend18 at checkout for a 10% discount off the total ticket price. We would love to see you there.

More information about Reverence is available at and the @reverenceretreat Instagram or Facebook pages.