Established as a yoga and healing business in 1998, My Health Yoga has been training yoga teachers since 2003 making us one of the original Teacher Training programs in Australia.

With over 1500 graduates and counting, it is easy to find My Health Yoga teachers in your community. My Health Yoga graduates are the most highly regarded and sought after teachers in south-east Queensland, and also in regional areas where our correspondence students train. With our incredible online Teacher Training, My Health Yoga graduates are now teaching around Australia and even internationally.

Our teachers are so popular because of the perfect mix between traditional and modern Yoga provided through our course. Whilst the Asana (poses) practice and teaching is a key component of our course, we uphold the spiritual essence of Yoga.

Because of this, the vast majority of our Teacher Training graduates find teaching positions quickly in a wide range of settings such as Yoga studios, fitness centres, health clubs, spas and schools. Many of our graduates have founded their own studio with (including establishing multi-studio businesses) due to the nature of our course being so developmental.

My Health Yoga promotes an eclectic approach to Yoga study, and encourages the Teacher Trainee not to limit her/his learning to these courses alone. External knowledge and information may be gathered on Yoga over your lifetime, and internal, intuitive understanding of Yoga will also be developed over your lifetime.

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