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Yoga mats are personal. What’s right for one person is wrong for another. We asked some yoga teachers their personal faves and why.

Best sweat-resistant yoga mat: Lululemon The Reversible Mat 3mm

For those who like their yoga hot, this is one of stickiest mats on the market. One side has a top layer of antimicrobial polyurethane to help absorb sweat and prevent slippage. On the flip side, a grippy texture gives you plenty of traction for less vigorous practices. For Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine, this mat’s versatility is what makes it her fave.“I like my yoga mat simple and functional,” she says. “This mat has just the right amount of grip, stands the test of time, and is perfect in a sweaty class or restorative practice.” Bonus: The antimicrobial layer deters mould and mildew from growing on your mat.

From $69, lululemon Australia


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Best yoga travel mat: Wandering Yogi travel yoga mat

A travel yoga mat is a very personal and important accessory. Dominique Sasha, founded Wandering Yogi to make yoga accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Dominique relied on yoga to help balance the stresses of her corporate job, but found that carrying a yoga mat everywhere simply wasn’t feasible, restricting her practice to a local studio. Through Dominique’s passion for both travelling and practising yoga in beautiful locations, she decided to create a travel yoga mat to enable herself and others to practice during a lunch break at work, at the beach, or even on top of mountains. Wandering Yogi’s luxury and travel yoga mats have a unique 2-in-1 design, bringing you the benefits of a luxury yoga mat combined with a non-slip microfiber yoga towel. Perfect for yogis who love a sweaty practice! These Aussie designed yoga mats come in a luxury size, perfect for yogis who prefer a thicker yoga mat, as well as a foldable, lightweight travel version made for yogis on the go. Bonus:  they are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable!

Travel yoga mat RRP – $94 | Luxury yoga mat RRP – $119

Website – Wandering Yogi

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Best grippy mat: Hugger Mugger Tapas Performance mat

A little bit of history: The Tapas Mat, which debuted in the late 1980s, was the first mat designed specifically for yoga—and as a result, it set the bar for durability, density, and grip. For yogis that came of age during this era, Hugger Mugger mats inspires a loyal following. To wit: Aadil Palkhivala, founder of Bellevue, Washington-based Purna yoga, says this is his favorite yoga mat.

“I like to use this mat because it is extremely sticky and extra-thick,” he says. “I have injured my body over the years; this mat provides the cushioning and support my body needs. It also allows my hands to sink in just enough so that I have more friction and less slip. Also, I find that when I hold Headstand for a while, this mat actually helps distribute pressure on the head.”Bonus: All Hugger Mugger mats are made from phthalate-free PVC and are free from heavy metals.

$75, Amazon Australia

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Best cushioned mat: Manduka PRO

Carbondale, Colorado-based yoga teacher Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga and the author of The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom, says the best yoga mats he’s ever used seem to “disappear underfoot.”“When I am on the Manduka PRO, it’s almost as if I am not using a yoga mat at all,” he says. “It doesn’t move, stretch, smell, or wear out like many other mats. This is my steady platform that I practice on daily.”Bonus: This is one of the few mats to come with a lifetime guarantee.

From $110, EMP


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Best mat for alignment: Liforme Yoga Mat

Ready to up-level your yoga practice with a mat that will help you focus on alignment? Bay-area-based yoga teacher Annie Carpenter, founder of SmartFlow yoga, has high praise for Liforme’s eponymous mat. If you’re a stickler for alignment cues (read: heel to heel), the alignment lines are helpful, says Carpenter. “Plus, it’s got just the right amount of sticky-ness for me,” blending the perfect ratio of stability and cushioning.

Bonus: Liforme uses sustainably-sourced materials, recyclable packaging, and ensures their mats last a lifetime. “I love that this mat helps me be as eco-friendly as I can be, at least so far,” says Carpenter. “There are so many yoga mats these days; we need to be conscious of our short- and long-term footprints.”

From $150 Lifrome