Power Of Now Oasis

A Yoga Studio and Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training right on the Beach in Sanur, Bali

Power of Now Oasis is a yoga studio situated right on the beach in peaceful and quiet Sanur. The gorgeous, eco friendly yoga studio is lovingly made entirely out of bamboo, which invites a gentle ocean breeze in while you practice Yoga.

Power Of Now Oasis offers a variety of classes each day that are suitable for Yogi’s of all levels, with classes offered from morning until dusk, there is a class suitable for everyone.  Their dedicated and attentive teachers, both Balinese and Western Yoga Teachers are there to guide you through your practice in a loving and welcoming environment.

Below the studio is the lounge area which is the perfect place to chill out. Sip on fresh juices, made right in front of you, or ask for a coconut while you wait for your class to start. There are comfortable sofas and beanbags to sink down into before you head your way to the beach to freshen up after a session.  It is the perfect place to relax and meet like minded Yogi’s.

Morning classes start bright and early at 8am, followed by the second class at 9.30am. A late afternoon class is offered at 5pm followed by a free 30 minute meditation session which ends just in time for you to walk out onto the beach to catch the gentle, pink glow of the sun rays (Sanur technically does not experience sunsets, but the sky is still a washed with beautiful shades of orange, pink and purple).

Teacher Training

What truly sets Power of Now Oasis apart is their specialised Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings. They have developed the curriculum to beautifully blend the grounding aspects of Hatha Yoga with the modern dynamic style of Vinyasa Flow. For 26 days, trainees will undergo asana labs, Vinyasa and Hatha classes, yoga philosophy and history lectures, practice teaching sessions, art of sequencing modules and a lot more.

This Yoga Alliance accredited training is guaranteed to transform your practice and deepen your journey, as it guides you through the inner path of yoga and ensures that you graduate as a confident, efficient and authentic teacher and life-long practitioner. The instructors are supportive to all their students, they are strongly grounded in their own practice and are passionate in sharing their knowledge and experience. Their classes are designed to provide a safe space for all practitioners in regards to respecting the body’s capabilities and they encourage their students to practice from where they are.

Power of Now Oasis’s yoga teacher trainings are conducted 6 times a year – January, March, May, July, September and November.

Choose either their ale-carte option :

Early Bird/Regular price : USD2600/USD3100

or the packages :

Early Bird Private/Sharing : USD3600/USD3350

Regular Private/Sharing : USD4100/USD3850

The team at Power of Now Oasis is always happy to receive your thoughts, questions, inquiries.