The only nationally accredited yoga teacher training course in Sydney Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching. 760hr part time course delivered over 37 face to face sessions, over a 12-month period.

The first thing we ask is to make yourself well. Remedial Yoga will help you to discover what it means to be balanced and healthy and then you can use these skills to help others. Japanese Remedial Yoga is a complete yoga therapy where you will learn about the energy meridians of the body and how, with the help of your much-loved yoga postures and asanas, it can restore health to your mind, body and spirit

At the College of Yoga Therapy (COTY) we aim to go beyond the standard. Of course, you will achieve all the benefits of yoga – enhanced personal fitness, calmness of mind, a balance of the physical and the psychological – but our courses also give you the practical skills to share this knowledge and teach it to others.

In order to be able to offer this high standard of teacher training, COTY is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia, and all our trainers are nationally recognised with a Training and Assessment qualification. Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching (10137NAT) is Austudy approved and is fully recognised with Yoga Australia and IYTA.

So, welcome to COTY, the only registered professional yoga training center in Sydney! Our remedial yoga course connects you with the qualification you need to bring the benefit of yoga to your clients, not only in the fitness, but in the healthcare industry too.

On graduating, you will receive 10137NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching; a nationally recognised qualification (ASQA – Australian Skills Quality Authority) issued by our expert instructors. The next step on your career path can begin!.

This 780hr yoga teaching course specializes in Remedial Yoga – Japanese meridian based yoga. 

But the essence of the yoga is still the same.  You will explore the history of yoga, and the messages that influence its practice.  You will also study the foundation knowledge and philosophies for teaching Japanese based remedial yoga. How we tap into our lifeforce and body’s natural healing system to bring balance and harmony to the energy within us. These thought-provoking sessions include:

COTY Sessions

  • Japanese meridian based yoga
  • The Therapy of Breathing
  • Recognise healthy body systems
  • Fundamentals of Remedial Yoga Therapy
  • Conservation of Energy Theory (Yin & Yang)
  • Qi (energy) Meridian Study
  • History of Yoga and its relevance today
  • Traditional Breathing Practices
  • Meditation (traditional and meridian based)
  • Introduction to 5 Element Health Nutrition
  • Yoga for Special Needs – natal, seniors, advanced and beginners

To teach yoga safely and professionally you will learn how the body works in Anatomy of Yoga. This is a foundation course in movement and how the human body systems function in relation to each other and how to keep them healthy.  You will then focus on the musculoskeletal  system through yoga and find out how amazing the human body really is.

To be a yoga teacher you need to know how to do the moves and then how to teach them so that you can help your clients bring balance back to their body systems and structure. You will learn 100’s of Remedial Yoga Postures and movements with 6 seasonal classes structured from the 5 Element Theory and how to write and adapt classes for special needs including natal, seniors and beginners.

Our expert training team will be there to guide you through every move, step by step until you understand and experience how the moves make you feel.  Meridian yoga is felt, rather than just taught.  If you know how it should feel then you will be able to share that with your clients when you start teaching.

You’ll have plenty of hands on teaching practice in our fully operation yoga studio, You’ll  learn, grow and let go of your fears in a very supportive, relaxed and fun learning environment.

When is the next course intake?

The 10137NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching is delivered over 37 session, during a 10-month period.  We have 2 study options available in 2019:

Friday Study 8.30am to 4pm commencing 1st March 2019.

37 daily sessions delivered every Friday with breaks around the NSW scheduled school holidays, Course completion date is the 13th December 2019

Saturday study 8.30 to 4pm commencing 2nd March 2019

37 daily sessions delivered every Saturday with breaks around the NSW scheduled school holidays, Course completion date is the 14th December 2019