Ashram Yoga 200-hour Intensive Teacher Training
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Ashram Yoga 200-hour Intensive Teacher Training

A 200-hour Intensive like no other. Ashram Yoga is New Zealand’s longest running school of yoga, training teachers for over 20 years. We offer the full spectrum of traditional yogic science taught in a modern format, including asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, and teaching methods during our month long intensive. Expand into new levels of awareness and experience “ashram-style” living at our retreat on one of New Zealand’s most beautiful beaches in the Coromandel.    

Ashram Yoga Retreat

This is a globally recognised Yoga Alliance accredited course is designed to cultivate your personal practice and understanding of yoga, and give you the tools and teaching methodology to become a confident yoga teacher. We start with basics which means this course is suitable for everyone – including beginners! With our limited class capacity, you’ll receive personal attention and guidance to develop your own experience of the practice and tailor it to your individual needs.   

Course Content 

  • Asanas /Postures 
  • Pranayama   (Yogic breathing techniques) 
  • Mudra   (Hand gestures) 
  • Mantra    
  • Nidra Vidya   (Systematic yogic relaxation) 
  • Meditation    
  • Shatkarmas   (Techniques to purify and cleanse the body) 
  • Anatomy and Physiology    
  • Introduction to Yoga Therapy    
  • Teachingmethodology 
  • Introduction to Ayurveda 
  • Philosophy   


Ohui Retreat is located on one of New Zealand’s most beautiful beaches approximately two hours drive from Auckland City. It is far removed from the noise and distraction of modern living.  The air is filled with prana which makes it an ideal place for yoga training. 

One Month Stay Includes 

  • Full room and board at Ohui Retreat 
  • Traditional ashram lifestyle 
  • Daily vegetarian meals 
  • Tutoring and training manuals 

About Us 

Ashram Yoga has been running yoga teacher trainings for around 20 years in small groups and now has many hundreds of graduates – many of whom are actively teaching today. We take a lot of pride in the quality and comprehensiveness of our teaching training courses which have developed over the years.  We are family owned and run and you’ll always experience a personal touch on all of our trainings, and remain a part of the “Ashramily” even after your course is complete.  

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