15 – 21st June 2019

Disconnect from everyday stress and rediscover your authentic inner self…

WHERE: Green Field Hotel, Ubud, Bali

Retreat Overview

Teachers: Linda Newman & Dylan Frusher 

With over fifty years combined experience in teaching, yoga and meditation, Linda Newman and Dylan Frusher have designed a stellar Yoga Philosophy and Meditation Retreat like no other. 

Do you feel a calling for the life-affirming philosophies that underpin your yoga asana practice? Do you desire the practical tools to put a true yogic lifestyle into practice in contemporary life? Then this retreat is specially designed for YOU.

An immersion program that will take you on a six-day journey tailored to you and your needs every step of the way. Each day you will learn ways in which India’s ancient yogic methods can be put into practise. Discover how to make spiritual philosophies a living reality through personalised contemplation and meditation. Find simple ways to harmonise your daily personal life with universal principles as taught by yogis centuries ago. Feel the benefit of a yogic lifestyle in which inner resources are harnessed to pursue a life of harmonious growth and fulfilment. 

We will share our years of experience with you in group sessions, as well as optional one-on-one sessions. Your daily schedule includes guided meditation and instruction, Hatha-Raja asana practices, inspired by the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra, and workshops. You will learn the nuances of yoga philosophy taught in a simple and practical style. Each day’s classes will build on those of the previous day to ensure that you can integrate the methods properly. Enjoy the opportunity to share your experiences with the 200hr Teacher Training class, as you deepen your practice of yoga, philosophy and meditation alongside one another.

Take the first step into deepening your practice and live authentically with like minded individuals, you’ll journey together…

…at the end of each day you’ll laugh with new friends, sharing learning experiences or your adventures from the maze- like markets, offering everything from hand-crafted jewellery, beautiful batik materials to carved deities – and all things in between!..Yes you will get free time to explore the delights of Bali!

Experiences within the Retreat package include:

• Daily meditation instructions gradually guiding you into a complete take-away home practice

• Tips and tools for developing a yogic ‘morning ritual’ to help kick-start each day

• Daily lessons in Ancient Yogic philosophy

• Three ‘study circle’ sessions in which we learn about ‘svadhyaya’ – the yogic practice of spiritual study and contemplation

• Twice daily Asana practice 

• Communal breakfast

• Practical suggestions for spiritual well being and growth

• Material covering meditation and philosophy to take home.

• Two Asana practice sheets along with other material to take home and continue your practice.


Our yoga retreats are suitable for students looking to take their practice to the next level and dive deeper into all the things yoga, also for qualified yoga teachers seeking traditional teachings or upskill their 200hr training.

All Students:

•Learn asana sequences inspired by the teachings and lineage of living yogi legend SriDharma Mittra. A classical three part practice that includes energising asana, prana-enhancing breathwork andmeditation for the mind. 

•Daily lessons in Ancient Yogic philosophy

•Your daily schedule includes guided meditation and instruction

•The retreat is shared with the current 200hr teacher trainers 

•You’ll also enjoy yoga Nidra, philosophy discussions and  kirtan (chanting)

•Enjoy the beautiful, healing energy of Bali and soak up some well deserved ‘me time’ – remembering the joy of slowing down by catching some rays of sun and having meaningful conversations with new found friends, or relax with massages on your daily breaks.

200hr Qualified Teachers

•Are you a qualified yoga teacher seeking authentic traditional teachings? Do you want to refresh your 200hr training? Do you feel like you are ready for a true yoga immersion?

•This week is perfect for graduates who want to become more than just a teacher, who want to become a Yogi

•Join training lectures, plus participate in practice teaching if you’d like to receive feedback and coaching 

Our yoga retreat will leave its stamp on your way of thinking and being long after you leave…..it’s just that kinda retreat.         

Cost: $1,650