near-death buddhist

As we know, near-death experiences can create a completely fresh perspective on one’s life, propelling us into deeper levels of self-awareness and evolution. But did you know that it’s possible to create this same mental experience without having to almost die? A recent study, published in Mindfulness, suggests that Buddhist meditators can willfully induce near-death experiences, enjoying the insights that come as a result. The study’s author William Van Gordon of the University of Derby said that some advanced Buddhist meditation practitioners could harness the experience of near-death, “fostering insight into the psychology of death-related processes as well as the nature of self and reality more generally.” Unlike actual near-death experiences, meditators were consciously aware of the experience and had control over it. Compared to other forms of meditation, the near-death practice dramatically increased mystical experiences and feelings of non-attachment. For more details of the study, search ‘Meditation-Induced-Near-Death Experiences: a 3-Year Longitudinal Study.’

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