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Kara-Leah Grant is an internationally-renowned teacher, writer and retreat leader. Millions of people have been impacted by the articles, books and videos she has published over the last ten years.

Her passion is liberation in this lifetime through an every day path of dissolving layers of the conditioned mind into deeper and deeper presence.

Her work, through her teaching, writing and retreats, focuses on using the process of inquiry to reveal conditioned mind and so help people to drop down into beingness and presence.

Her latest book, promptly making its way to number 1 on Amazon, Sex, Drugs & (mostly) Yoga is the memoir receiving rave reviews from yogis and novices alike. Written by New Zealander Kara-Leah, the memoir tells the story of the psychosis that landed Kara-Leah in a Vancouver hospital in 2004, and her subsequent healing and recovery using predominantly yoga and meditation over the next 14 years. From $22 in print