Nepal Guided Yoga and Meditation Trek -

Nepal Guided Yoga and Meditation Trek

Have you ever wanted to sit on the edge of the snow capped mountains in Sacred Nepal and listen to the sound of silence or listen for the Om of the earth itself?  Ever wanted to practice Yoga and be guided in mediation while sitting on the rooftop of the world? How about receiving Sound healing from the Tibetan bowls at the end of a day walking though the Hills?  Look no further as we have prepared the most perfect retreat just for you.  Join your hosts Claire and Noah, who will lovingly guide you through every step of your 17 day yoga and meditation trek throughout Nepal, it is a trip like no other.

About the Trip…

3 Days in Kathmandu

We start our tour in Thamel, Kathmandu which is our base for the first 3 days,.  Thamel is place where worship and Yoga blend into a kalidascope of colour, the air heavy with Incense from prayer and devotion. Our Hotel nestled right next to The Garden of Dreams, a haven amongst the chaos of the heavy bustling streets. From Thamel we visit the sacred Temples of both Buddha and Shiva.  Pushpatanath (Shiva Temple) Where we see Shiva in his Destruction and Creation in the circle of life,  through conception of the Karma Sutra on the walls, to Death as we watch the dead be prepared by family in a ritual of cleansing with water, smoke, oil, and prayer/mantra before being placed on the pyre at the birth place of the mother Ganga (The sacred river Ganges)  You will see the flamboyant resident Sadu’s sitting in Meditation and quietly repeating mantra.  Boudanath Stupa, which is the largest Buddhist Stupa in the world. A place where the peace and tranquility is present and you can feel the softness of the Buddha nature wrap around you like a blanket of compassion. We will also visit the tallest statue of Shiva in the world. During these 3 days there is plenty of time for Yoga, Meditation and free time to explore and take in the atmosphere. 

From the heady spiritual highs of Kathmandu we will embark a tourist bus through the Hills to Pokhara a Beautiful lakeside town of peace and serenity, a beautiful place to indulge in a Dinner and sunset walk along the spectacular mountain lake.  Here we will take a rowboat and glide across this tranquil lake for our first mini trek to The World Peace Pagoda. A 2 hour trek to the top, on arrival we will sit in silence in the Buddhist peace garden with a beautiful view of the lake. You may choose to wait at the bottom of the hill and rest in the restaurant with beautiful views, or row to the Temple Island and soak up the atmosphere.  

The following day will be the festival Diwali! The festival of lights, where we can join in the festivities of Dancing, Rangoli Patterns, and Lamp lighting!  A festival to welcome the goddess to shine her light upon us for the upcoming year! After our festivities we will adorn our walking shoes and start our 7 day trek. 

The 7 Day Trek…

This Trek will take us to magnificent viewing points where we will rise early for sunrise meditation and observation over the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Range’s. We will visit Hot Springs where you can sooth away tired muscles and soak in the natural Geothermal pools. We will have a whole day at Lake Khayor where we will lay in stillness to the beautiful sounds of nature and enjoy a sound bath with personal Bowl healing sessions. Each day will consist of up to 6 hours of walking stopping for lunch mid way. Resting overnight in selected Tea houses along the way where you can rest in a modest room with beds, fire and beautiful traditional Dahl bhat. All accommodation, food, massage, meditation, sound baths, and yoga is included in your Trek experience.

After our 7 days away from the towns lights we will return to Pokhara where you can book into one of many spas for massage and Ayurvedic treatments.  We will rest here a whole day before returning back to Kathmandu where we have another full day to Rest and Shop! 

All activities are optional and you will not be judged if you don’t attend any or some. 

About your hosts:

Claire and Noah are the owners of Yogasol in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane. Claire and Noah have been travelling Nepal regularly for the last 4 years, and consider it a home away from home. They have made many friends throughout Nepal which will bring a unique experience to the retreat. Claire brings over 20 years experience as a yoga teacher, and massage therapist while Noah’s love and experience in Bowl Healing Therapy will leave you refreshed along your journeyOur guides along our trek are local Nepali Bowl healers and Yogis, bringing authenticity to your experience.  You will have full support from both Noah and Claire if any assistance is needed during your stay. 

Noah Haris and Claire Tierney

The tour dates are: 

21/10/19-8/11/19 Including Diwali Sold out

12/02/20-11/03/20 Including Shivaratri and Holi Taking Bookings

1/11/20-19/11/10 Including Diwali Taking Bookings

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