Novelty Yoga: The Latest Trends


Tired of the usual yoga class and want to try something different? Like yoga with goats or puppies? It’s even possible to do yoga in the nude, while drunk and when stoned. Try Novelty Yoga.

Novelty yoga seems to be the newest fad in the yoga industry. Today, it seems that you can pair almost anything with yoga to make it more fun. But the question is, can it really be yoga? In reality, it’s hard to focus on yourself and your practice with cute little puppies running around or with goats roaming the grass around you. Being incoherent also doesn’t make for a true yoga practice, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun. Yes, novelty yoga is just a tactic to draw people in and make money. However, there is also something intriguing about it. If you’ve ever thought of trying a more unconventional yoga class, here are 5 types of novelty yoga that you must try.

Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga…the kids, er, love it.

Yoga, goats and the outdoors. What more could one ask for? Yes, the goats sometimes go on your back (literally), poo next to you or want to share your mat, but there’s something comforting about doing yoga outdoors with animals. That is, if you don’t mind having them walk around, sit on you and chew on grass next to your face. At the end of the day, you probably end up spending half the time doing yoga and the other half watching or playing with the goats. But you’ll leave with a big smile on your face.

Puppy Yoga

Down Dog meets Up Dog

The same is true of puppy yoga, except that puppies are arguably much cuter than goats, and much more fun to play with. It’s hard to imagine actually doing yoga with all of the cute fur balls running around wanting to play. But puppy yoga is a thing; and a popular one at that, with each class focusing on one breed. You can actually do Downward Facing Dog with a dog! Still, it definitely distracts you from actually doing yoga, and is therefore much more of a novelty than an actual yoga class. But it’s loads of fun. Besides, who doesn’t love spending time with puppies?

Beer Yoga

Traditional yogis will turn their heads at this one, but others say it’s fun. Beer yoga began in Germany as a way to try to encourage men to join a yoga class, and it has now spread to the UK, America and Australia. There’s no meditation or mindfulness in these classes, although they are quite relaxing. But that’s because of the beer and the effects it has on you. It’s definitely not healthy or authentic, and it is much harder to balance with a bottle of beer on your head, in your hand or in your belly. Beer yoga, however, is a good laugh.

Naked Yoga

If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, then Nude Yoga is probably not for you. If you are, you can practice like the Jain sadhus do in India, and have done for centuries. Today, it is mostly practiced alone in the privacy of one’s home, although Naked Yoga is also now a thing. It’s a body positive thing, where all body types are accepted and appreciated, but it definitely takes guts to join in on one of these classes. Expect them to be are all yoga without the novelty.

Stoned Yoga

Also called High Yoga, Ganja Yoga is exactly what you think it is; doing yoga while smoking weed. Many states in America have legalised it for medicinal purposes, and Canada has outright legalised it. So it should be of no surprise that marijuana is finding its way into yoga classes. But does weed have a place in yoga? If you think about the history of yoga, marijuana has been a part of yoga for centuries. Think about the sadhu babas in India who smoked a chillum of hashish as part of their daily rituals – and probably still do. Weed heightens your senses and relaxes you, so it’s a great thing to pair with yoga.

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