The body isn’t meant to be ‘fixed’, it’s meant to be freed.

Rolfing can be a deeply moving and transformational experience for anyone seeking to improve their body awareness or physical performance—from yogis and athletes to musicians and dancers. It can also be hugely healing for anyone suffering from pain and discomfort seeking to rediscover freedom and ease in the body and mind.

WORKING WITH THE ENTIRE body as a whole (rather than focusing on specific areas of tension like in a massage) Rolfing restores the body to its natural order. It uses gravity as its ally in finding the ultimate postural alignment, leading to new, healthier movement patterns and a greater sense of ease and grace in everyday life. 

A deeply integrative therapy, Rolfing invites the participant’s awareness into the body, creating a greater sense of ease and freedom, and relief from the busy-ness of the mind. As this happens, shifts in perception begin to occur—resulting in relief from stress and anxiety, and enhanced confidence and emotional expression. 

Celeste Carrillo, is one of Australia’s experts in Rolfing, having many years experience achieving amazing results for her clients. Here’ what a few of them have said about the practice.

Together with yoga, Rolfing has ‘woken up’ ‘dead’ parts of my body and released deep tensions. Rolfing is both dramatic and subtle in the way it balances and aligns the body, sometimes with a sigh, sometimes with a tear. The body can then settle into its natural shapes and flows with ease. I have also experienced stress reduction as old tension was released. I did the 10 sessions with Celeste. It became a journey of discovery to see how my posture changed in surprising ways. The changes have lasted and even grown and I feel like I’m growing younger and more energetic. — Marc R

I had a few sessions with Celeste and they were great. My body was very tense and sore when I went to see her and I did not seem to be able to let go and feel relaxed. Through her expertise, Celeste slowly re-balanced my body and I started to learn a new way to relate to it. She knows what she is doing and makes you feel safe and relaxed. So relaxed in fact that I fell asleep during one of her sessions. Highly recommend her.” — Lola P

“I choose Rolfing because it has been the most effective way for me to get out of my head, into my body and in touch with how I am really feeling. As someone who tends to go all in with my commitments during the week, I find this work has been incredibly helpful. I feel much more grounded, integrated and resilient.” — Martha T

Benefits include:

  • Alleviation of pain and physical discomfort
  • A deeper mind-body connection
  • Increased body awareness  
  • New ease and freedom of movement
  • Greater balance and stability
  • Improved posture 
  • Deeper, more relaxed breathing

If you are interested in knowing more about Rolfing, Somatic Balance is Australia’s leading experts in Rolfing and Yoga. Head to their website at to find out further information or email them directly at