Good therapy or just another novelty yoga?

Yep, you read right. Rage Yoga has been around for a while – and it often involves swearing and – wait for it – wine. But now you can actually train to be a Rage Yoga teacher. Smashing the stereotype of yoga as a peace, love and mungbeans practice, Rage Yoga’s philosophy is rebellious and bad arse, promising to leave students ‘Zen as F*ck’.

Before you assume you can bring a bottle of vino and drop a few f bombs while you teach, you actually have to be qualified to teach this highly specialised practice. For around $530, you can take a two-day training to perfect the art of teaching the Rage style. Open to qualified yoga teachers, the training covers the Rage Yoga principles, philosophies and alternative teaching techniques – leaving you fully equipped to share this quirky practice with your students. 

F-bombs galore with Rage Yoga

So, what can students expect from a class? And, let’s be honest, is it taking this pure, devotional practice and morphing it into something unrecognisable? Well, Rage Yoga promises to take its philosophies from the traditional practices of yoga and make them a little more friendly and accessible for the modern yogi who just doesn’t fit the stereotypical mould. Put off by the traditional yoga environment and its ‘library full of gymnasts’ vibe, Rage Yoga’s founder created the practice as an outlet for the average, stressed-out Jo to come and find some serenity in a space that’s a little more familiar.