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Bali Spirit Festival

What really happens at BaliSpirit Festival?

YJ talks to some of this year’s BaliSpirit Festival attendees to see how the experience changed them

In our fast-paced world, it requires a commitment to make time for oneself, for daily meditation and rituals, or exercising. Taking time to attend healing, yoga or recreation workshops and programs once in a while is a great act of self-love which usually leaves us with recharged batteries, new inspiration and a smile on the face. Can you imagine how it feels to give yourself this time and this opportunity to immerse in wellness? BaliSpirit Festival offers one week full of inspiration, healing, connection and movement. You might feel like a new version of yourself afterwards. Read on and get an impression of what it is like to attend in these stories of BaliSpirit Festival attendees: 

What the BaliSpirit Festival like?

“For me this was the most amazing experience. I went there totally alone but I never felt like I was. Surrounded by so many loving and beautiful human beings, it really touched my heart! The music was magical and all the yoga, dancing and laughing really made my trip to Bali something I will never forget, just absolutely breathtaking.”

Marthe Aurora
PHOTO CREDIT – by Axel Hebenstreit @lichtseelen
PHOTO CREDIT – by Axel Hebenstreit @lichtseelen
PHOTO CREDIT – by Axel Hebenstreit @lichtseelen

The experience was everything, and more, than I could have imagined! An immersive day to night week-long yoga/music/dance ‘retreat’ in a glorious natural setting, populated by a wonderful international gathering of open-hearted, like-minded souls coming together to share an ever-deepening spiritual process on our collective journey through life. 
The BaliSpirit Festival is a ‘place’ to dream, to unwind, to free oneself from the ordinary round of daily activity, and to experience a new community paradigm of shared joy and self-transcendence through an abundant array of transformational offerings – in the movement arts (of every description), chant/song, breathwork, meditation, healing modalities, world music and dance performances – and perhaps most significantly: real and deep connections with kindred spirits from all around the globe. 
After a serious health crisis in 2018, I returned to the BaliSpirit Festival in 2019, as a volunteer. Again, it was an incredibly healing and empowering week of giving and receiving, which served to deepen my love for the Island of Bali and it’s beautiful, compassionate, generous people. 
Thank you Meg, Dek, and Rob, for creating the BaliSpirit Festival, and for all you do otherwise to promote goodness, wellness, and wholeness in Bali – and elsewhere, as grateful participants carry the bright energy from the BaliSpirit Festival back into their communities worldwide. ”

Marchelle Deranleau 
PHOTO CREDIT – by Axel Hebenstreit @lichtseelen
PHOTO CREDIT – by Wari Om Photography
PHOTO CREDIT – by Wari Om Photography

This is just a small selection of festival experiences….and there are hundreds more.  Whether you would like to connect with community, make personal shifts, get inspired or simply have a beautiful break from a hectic lifestyle – take the chance, choose self-love and give yourself the gift to attend next BaliSpirit Festival March 29 – April 5 2020. Early bird tickets are now on sale and Australian Yoga Journal readers can enjoy to $100 discount with code AUYOGA.

Book online at www.balispiritfestival.com 

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