Discounted Bali Fitness + Yoga Retreat. Save hundreds. -

Discounted Bali Fitness + Yoga Retreat. Save hundreds.

Training, eating healthy, yoga, a beautiful island setting. And it's discounted. What's not to like?

SPECIAL: $300pp Discount for Yoga Journal Readers

Welcome to the healthy holiday you’ve always wanted. Bali is enchanting and home to the world’s most relaxing and enriching yoga and meditation retreats and also home to big hotels, gorgeous villas, swim-up bars and surf breaks. There is much to choose from for all types of people. We’ve found one that offers a great blend of Yoga, Fitness and great surfing.

Mana Yoga’s Bali Boost Fitness + Yoga Retreat operates two 8-day Retreats in November. Wake up to the smell of incense burning as the Hindu offerings are placed outside of your private Uluwatu cliffside villa. The days start with energizing yoga and is followed by Muay Thai boxing to get the heart rate up and blood flowing. Warning, you will laugh at yourself a lot in this class and have more fun than you ever thought you would… no matter your age! After a healthy breakfast is served by the in-house chef, the day’s activities begin. The villa’s are located in a leafy Uluwatu village with Apes that journey down to the beach. Here you’ll find cafes and surf shops in their original structure nestled in the cliff. Long-time yogis Patty Perlman + Esther Wallace Hill have organized your week of magic with yoga in nature, temple hikes, gourmet food, drinks at Bali’s hotspots, daily maid service, beach day trips, and bedtime mediation… exploring all from your private villa compound.   

Mana Yoga Retreats look after every detail for you from; ocean tides for paddleboarding, the direction of the sunrise for morning yoga, and where to source organic ingredients for sunset cocktails. One of the highlights that past guests rave about is ‘Detox Night’ on Tuesday and Friday. nights. This is where you enjoy a circuit of heating up in the sauna and steam room followed by cooling down in the ice bath and reheating in the hot bath. You spend 90 minutes rotating from one to the other heating and freezing your body while practicing breathing techniques to boost your metabolism and body into a peak state of wellness.  

There is plenty of time to circuit, or relax with local ex-pats by the outdoor bonfire..  

This retreat is for the adventure seeker. The seeker who loves to try new things + make friends along the way. The seeker who’s barefoot during the day + loves a cocktail at sunset. The seeker who shares + laughs + collects lasting memories.  

This retreat is 8 days/ 7 nights in a private cliffside villa. All ages and levels of experience are welcome. This retreat is popular amongst couples and groups of friends and solo traveler. Once you arrive at the airport your week in Bali is organised to a tee so you can rejoice, relax and let us do Mana Retreats do all the work. 

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