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New Music Licence Laws for Yoga Studios

Do you play music to your students? You need to read this.

For Yoga studios and practitioners who chose to play music in their classes no matter how small the class is, need to gain respectful permission from the music creators.  In Australia, yoga practitioners can obtain one licence from one source: OneMusic Australia.  The new OneMusic licence scheme is a simple, low cost plan that allows you to teach to licensed music from as little as $5 per day. 

OneMusic Australia was recently set up to allow you to obtain the one licence from one source.  Before you had to obtain two separate licences from APRA AMCOS and from PPCA. 

Missy Higgins – photo Kane Hibberd

Please don’t think Yogi’s are being singled out.  Every music-loving business in the country will get a knock on the door or a letter in the mail from OneMusic at one time or another to make sure they are covered for their music use. Everyone from gym owners, barre, pilates, outdoor training, bootcamps and CrossFit boxes, basically, everywhere music is played in a circuit class or workout scenario.  The scheme will cover OneMusic’s worldwide catalogue of music. So, when you press “play” and gently ask your assembled yogis’ to lay down and breathe deeply, you’ll have a clear conscious about the music drifting through the room. 

If you are a studio owner, teacher or using music in your classes either in your studio, park or home, here are your options: 

  • Use whatever music you wish, and hope that you don’t get a knock on the studio door, or a letter of demand. Unlikely.
  • Source music in the public domain.  This is anything prior  to the 1900’s 
  • Stop Doing Yoga to music altogether 
  • Get creative and write and produce your own music 
  • Pay your OneMusic Australia licence fee so you can use whatever music you want with peace of mind. 

So, what should you do? Perhaps you need to ask yourself, what is the right thing to do? We can’t answer that for you, however, stealing music from musicians is not good for the soul. In many ways, the financial and career struggles of musicians and yoga teachers are much the same, so most people we know wish only the best for the artists they love.   

To obtain your new OneMusic licence or to find out more information, head to:

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