Have you ever wondered about having an Angel Reading but not really sure what it’s all about?  We talk to one of Australia’s best Channels, Stephan Davies, about Angel Readings and what you can expect when you have one.

YJ: What is an Angel Reading and how does it differ from a Psychic Reading?

SD: During an angel reading the reader connects to a particular angel or divine being and receives their message, their wisdom and their guidance. An angel reading is different from a psychic reading in a number of ways. In a psychic reading the reader relies on their particular gifts or intuition to receive and understand certain information about the client. As the physic is relying on their own gifts and intuition the information that comes through can often be clouded, misinterpreted and incorrect as the psychic’s ability is rarely perfect. An angel reading is very different. In an angel reading the reader is not relying on their own knowing or intuition, instead the reader relies on the pure mind of an angel to see and relay all the information necessary to the reader. The reader just receives the guidance of the angel word for word and relays that information to the client, the reader is not relying on their own abilities or intuition other than their ability to hear the message of the angel.

YJ: What can an angel reading do for you?

SD: An angel reading can help you tap into the vast resources available to angels to help and assist us in our lives. Angel readings can help you live a happier, healthier and more positive life and can assist you when faced with choices in life. Angels are pure divine beings who have limitless love for us and want us to be happy, healthy and leading the best life possible. All the information given by the angels is to help with these goals.

YJ: What happens in an angel reading?

SD: During an angel reading the reader goes into a meditative state and connects deeply to a particular angel, it could be Michael, Uriel or any other divine being such as Jesus. The reader allows this being to connect and come into their mind. The reader then asks whatever particular question the client has and listens for the answer. As the answer comes to mind the reader speaks or writes the answer word for word, in this way the exact message the angel has for you in transferred without editing or interrupting.

YJ: How can an angel reading help you?
SD: An angel reading can help with any aspect of your life, work, health, family, spirituality or anything else in your life that may not be 100% the way you would like it. If you book an angel reading with Stephan, a message that is empowering, heavenly and just what you need to hear will come through to assist you in all aspects of your life!

Stephan Davies is a true channel of divine beings, when he channels the angels and star beings come through him in a way that is truly amazing. All things are able to be understood in this interaction as heaven comes through Stephan in a powerful and really effective way. When Stephan channels the angels talk directly to the client about their problems and their sufferings, the angels are able to understand all the sufferings and misadventures of Earth’s citizens and know their pain. The angels seek to remedy suffering and pain through loving and nurturing advice and care. From their heart to yours an amazing message will come through that is empowering, heavenly and just what you need to hear. Contact Stephan for a reading today he might just change your life!